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For a well groomed appearance, dogs need to be brushed regularly. Four Paws Magic Coat Dog Slicker Brush is designed with a sturdy ergonomic handle to easily remove mats while pulling out dead hair. Brushing your dog stimulates the skin to promote healthy circulation and increase shine. Developed for dogs over 45 lbs.

We are proud to show you our all new slicker dog brush for grooming your doggie.

You need to purchase the best dog brush that meets the needs of your individual dog. You’ll have to consider his coat and skin in your decision. Depending on your pet’s needs, it is likely that you will need more than one type of dog grooming brush or comb. If your dog’s coat requires a deshedding brush, dematting comb, slicker brush or other specific product, look for it among the best dog brushes to ensure you’re getting a quality product. If you’re interested in a general purpose dog brush for a dog with fur, the is your best option.

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Click the order button below to purchase our slicker brush for dogs on Amazon. This is the Furminator Firm Slicker Brush. It's designed with an ergonomical handle, for the health and comfort of your hand, with flex heads for the sensitivity of your pet, to not irritate the skin. The dual head has curved pins on one side, which is great for removing undercoat, while the straight pins on the other side are great for smoothing, finishing, and shining the coat. When brushing your pet, you should go in slow, smooth strokes from the front of the pet, all the way down to the back of the pet. When brushing curly coated dogs, not only do you want to brush with the grain of the pet, but you also want to brush against the grain in any direction that it's possible. We're trying to separate each curl, so that it pulls out and fluffs properly. The curved pins on the Slicker brush are great for removing unwanted dead hair and undercoat. Once you finish brushing your pet from head to toe, you can flip the brush over to the straight pins, to get a nice, smooth, glossy finish.

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Karen Osper, a professional pet groomer and breeder of champion American Cocker Spaniels, uses mostly Chris Christensen brushes and product on her show dogs, and other brands of slickers on pets, although their grooming needs are usually met differently. Her show dogs are washed every three to four days (or at least once a week) and are brushed with pin brushes except on pasterns and from the hock down on the back legs. Why? To prevent coat damage and to preserve as much coat as possible.

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Featuring flexible pins with plastic tips, this tool contours to the dog's body for efficient grooming.

Featuring soft wire bristles to lift loose hair, mat and tangles. These dog slickers also distribute natural oils for a soft, shiny coat while gently removing dead hair.Below I have lined up a few different categories and matched the best slicker brush to that group. After reading this article, you will know exactly which brush you need to be using on your dog.Grooming your dog is an important part of what keeps them healthy and happy. A slicker brush is one of the most popular grooming tools as it gets rid of dirt, dead skin and hair – quickly and easily. How often should you brush your dog? It varies from breed to breed and dog to dog but there are general rules of thumb. If he has a smooth, short coat, it should be at least once per week with a bristle brush or a quality, 2-in-1 comb. The bristle brush can also be used on dogs with “double coats” (a soft undercoat and weather-resistant outer coat), such as Collies and Huskies. If he has a short, dense coat, brush several times a week with a wire slicker brush. If your dog has a long or silky coat, daily brushing is recommended with a steel pin brush or slicker brush. If he has a wavy or curly coat, use a fine, curved-wire slicker brush several times per week (daily, if time permits).