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Hello, I have a shih tzu mix, she constantly scratches and has flaky skin. I took her to the vet and he just gave me some vitamins and a shampoo. But it dont seem to help out a lot. He said it was normal for dogs to scratch. I feel so bad for her because that’s all she does scratch all day and night. Would olive oil help her out? Or is there something I could do to help the flaky skin and the scratching?

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Killer Kleen Natural Dog Shampoo, Repellant. Your dog deserves healthy skin they are comfortable in. You can help them with canine dandruff, flaky skin, hair loss, sores and other skin conditions by eliminating harmful chemicals in their shampoo. Give it a try, see if you both don't prefer they be Killer Kleen!

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Is she scratching all the time? Have you noticed dog dandruff or dry, flaky skin or hair loss? If so, your dog may need to use a hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that we’re frequently asked for tips on how to bathe our four-legged friends and which products are best for which ailments. Fortunately, we have a lot of answers! To learn how often you should bathe your dog, why you should never use human shampoo on your dog, the best remedy for dry, flaky skin, and more, read on!

Bathing can provide relief for dry, flaky, irritated skin

The best thing to do for a dog with dry/sensitive/chronic itchy skin is to discuss options with your veterinarian. Why is your dog itchy? Is he on flea prevention? Does he have flaky, dry skin? Is he exhibiting signs of allergies? The way you approach these issues is different, and you would be looking for a different prescription level shampoo to deal with each.

Shampoos & Conditioners for Dogs: General FAQs

There are several things to look for on a bottle of canine shampoo if your dog seems to scratch a lot. You want a shampoo that will rehydrate your dog's skin because many itch problems are due to dry or flaky skin. A shampoo that reduces flaking and removes scales is also good. Look for ingredients that will also provide some immediate soothing for your dog.There are several attributes of certain shampoos that will help yourdog's flaky skin. Flaky skin is often due to an insufficient amount ofcertain oils that other dogs have in their skin. These oils prevent andcounteract flakiness. The right canine shampoo for a dog with flakyskin will have ingredients that will re-hydrate the skin. It will alsohave ingredients that claim to reduce flaking and remove scales. Youalso want to see on the label that there are ingredients that dogs findsoothing.One thing to remember, regardless of bathing frequency, is to use a high quality dog shampoo for dry skin that is mild and rich in amino acids and moisturizers. Adding to this, and in fact perhaps most importantly, never use human shampoo on a dog. While it may seem harmless enough, dog coats have a much different ph make up than human hair; as a result human shampoo will change their natural ph levels and possibly cause many issues such as limited natural oil production, flaky skin, hot spots, rashes, or itchy skin. Another thing to remember is that a dog shampoo with qualitynatural ingredients wil help stop stinky dog smell.Start with grooming. A stiff brush loosens flaky skin and shedding hair in his short, dense coat. Brushing distributes natural skin oils and encourages healthy skin circulation. A good brushing also removes pollen, dust or other irritants that contribute to skin problems. Take your beagle to a professional groomer. Watch her techniques, and ask about proper grooming tools for his coat. Also ask about moisturizing dog shampoos, but remember that an indoor beagle does not need frequent bathing. Bathing him too often removes natural skin oils and dries the skin.