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Whenever the cat sprite gets near the dog sprite, the dog turns and runs from the cat

An ABC affiliate , which shows a child slowly riding a very small bike somewhere in sunny Bakersfield, California, when a neighbor's dog runs around a nearby car, drags the boy off the bike with his teeth and starts spinning the child around. Luckily, the attack is cut short by the family cat, who hurls herself into the fight, forces the dog off the bike, and chases him away. The video is titled simply "My cat saved my son," and was presumably edited from home security footage by the child's mother. The victim did receive some nasty bites that needed a few stitches, but is otherwise doing fine.

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Whenever the cat sprite gets near the dog sprite, the dog turns and runs from the cat Next, allow your cat freedom to explore your dog at her own pace, with the dog still on-leash and in a "down-stay." Meanwhile, keep giving your dog treats and praise for his calm behavior. If your dog gets up from his "stay" position, he should be repositioned with a treat lure, and praised and rewarded for obeying the "stay" command. If your cat runs away or becomes aggressive, you're progressing too fast. Go back to the previous introduction steps.

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I adopted kittens instead of grown cats because I thought they would have a better chance of adapting to the dogs. I got the spunkiest kittens I could find. I know nothing stimulates my dogs to chase more than a cat that runs from them, so I was looking for cats that would stand their ground.

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