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And since these pet mats contain the highest quality of reclaimed and synthetic rubber materials, they are some of the safest, most comfortable dog matting options available. Our synthetic rubber pet mats, which are sold in custom rolls, provide excellent cushion and watertight floor protection. These rubber dog mats keep liquid and moisture on the mat’s surface, protecting your subfloors from damage. Invest in a dog mat that will last longer and give your pets more durable protection!

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are available in interlocking foam tiles and rubber mats. Use the Greatmats' most popular dog agility foam tiles for your dog training area. Designed for maximum comfort for trainers and dogs, Greatmats' dog agility mats provide a first-rate experience for both the animal and human.

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Installation Instructions for the Tenderfoot Pooch Dog Rubber Mats Flooring Highly cushioned, black rubber mats. Traction you won’t believe! Portable, easy-to-install. Built to take a lifetime of abuse from your dogs, from you, and even from your equipment. Buy it once. Never buy it again. Straight edges or interlocking. Have it your way.

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Need cage or kennel flooring? How about a liner for inside your vehicle? Or mats you can use at shows while grooming or waiting for the next class? BullDog is just right! Available in 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick rolls of rubber, we can custom size up to 6′ wide and 50′ long. BullDog is a jack of all trades. Put it to use in any number of applications. Comfortable, portable. Need we say more?

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Some people have wire cages or crates for their dogs, which have different advantages and disadvantages. They do allow for a lot of airflow and for the dog to be able to see his or her surroundings much more than other types, however they can pose some dangers to dogs as well. Dogs are at risk of tearing nails off if they should get caught in between, or hooked onto the wires if the dog’s nails are not properly trimmed, or if they manage to get their nails stuck in between the door and the bottom of the cage. Pet mats give an easy solution to this problem because they can be cut to size and cover the entire floor of the cage, thereby virtually leaving no surface holes for the dog to get his nails caught in. The wire cages also are hard on sensitive paw pads. A dog can feel that the wires are cutting into his paws as gravity and his own weight presses him down on the surface. Rubber mats for dogs take care of this by giving him a soft surface to stand on that is more even than the surface of a wire cage. It might be especially helpful to stack two to three mats on top of each other in this type of crate.In outdoor kennels, you will often see dirt or concrete for kennel flooring options. While these may seem like easy, inexpensive types of flooring, they are insufficient for the health of your dog. Pet mats not only are affordable, they act as insulation from the ground. They can help to block the cold that remains either in concrete or dirt. This is especially important for dogs that have arthritis or are starting to become arthritic. Rubber mats for dogs are also softer than concrete, thus making them easier on dogs’ bones and joints. Dogs often get bored when cooped up in a kennel for long periods of time, and can begin to dig or jump up and down against the walls of the kennel. Rubber pet mats help reduce the risk of injury, or the severity of injury, if a dog should jump up and fall backwards. The mats are safer to land on than concrete. Furthermore, when dogs start digging, they could injure their paws or nails on hard surfaces, or they can dig their way out through dirt! Rubber mats for dogs are tough and durable, and can be a safer surface for dogs to paw at.