Convertible Elite 6-Panel Pet Gate, Room Divider, or Pet Pen.

Made a room divider to keep the baby out of the dog food and water. The space is 72 inches, so most gates cost over 100. This one is under 40. 2 shower curtain rods, and a fabric shower curtain. It can be sewn to any height and mine has four additional heights. The dog and older kids use a chair and bin on either side to climb over! Love it!

Our tall dog gates can be your perfect room dividers for these reasons.

This dog gate quickly and easily converts from a to a room divider to a freestanding gate. The gate caps can be locked at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, providing stability for the gate’s various forms. The gate even features a lockable door that you can use to restrict and control your pet movement.

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Richell Wooden Room Divider at PetSmart. Shop all dog dog doors & gates online. Ask any dog owner who has some experience in this field, and most of them will tell you that Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is the first product you should consider. If you can afford to pay for this once, you will never have to buy a dog gate ever again.It has 6 panels that become either a room divider, pet pen or your pet gate (that's why it's 3-in-1). Various size configurations, easy movement from room to room and a very sturdy quality makes it irreplaceable. It's absolutely perfect, and it also looks good! on Amazon by customers who bought it.

Convertible Elite 6-Panel Pet Gate, Room Divider, or Pet Pen

Handcrafted custom made solid wood pet gates and room dividers can be made to any size. Standard height is 32". Simply measure your opening and we will custom make your gate to the size you need. We have made gates for dogs, cats, and even the occasional husband. Single gates come with a jamb stop and hinge to a jamb applicator which is fastened to your door jamb or hallway opening. Gates can be made into double gates, scissor gates that close by folding back onto itself. We can also take any design and make a standing gate, which can be unfolded and used to divide rooms or large hallway openings of any size. Contact us today regarding your new vintage gate or room divider.

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