Any thoughts or findings on Eureka frozen raw dog foods?

It is important to make sure your dog or cat is consuming a diet full of wholesome ingredients, just as you do. This is why many vets suggest that a nutritious, well-balanced and grain-free raw food diet is the best thing you can feed your pet.

Fat doggies get thinner and thin doggies achieve a healthy weight with raw foods.

The roots of today's raw feeding movement go back to the early '80s, although feeding raw foods to dogs and cats is as old as domestication itself.

Our Frozen Raw Food Dinners for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets are:

Following are several of the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs: A possible risk of raw feeding is that of human infection caused by direct or indirect exposure to bacterial pathogens in raw meat and animal stools. For example, the warns that humans "risk exposing themselves to bacteria like ". A small study on the levels of in the stool of 10 dogs that ate a raw diet found that 80% of the raw diet tested positive for and while 30 percent of the stool samples from dogs fed a raw food diet contained salmonella, none of the dogs (commercial feed) contained . The authors of the study concluded that dogs on a raw food diet may therefore be a source of environmental contamination, although they caution about the generalizability of their results due to the small number of dogs studied.

A raw dog food diet typically consists of:

Convenience. Feeding raw food is expensive and time consuming. The preparation of balanced meals for your dog every day can be a challenge to fit into a busy lifestyle. As a rule of thumb, if you are eating out more than three meals a week, you are likely too busy to properly prepare meals for your dog, so a home-made raw diet may not be the best choice for your life schedule.

Hi! I mix my raw meat with dry dog food. Is it OK to mix the two?

Risk #3: The side effects of difficulty digesting
Dogs can experience issues with digestion, specifically when the bone content in raw food is too high. If this is the case, constipation will often result. Raw bones can also pose another problem: there’s the potential for the whole bones to be a choking hazard, to break their teeth or to cause internal puncture. Raw vegetables and grains can also be difficult to digest, Shojai says—cooking them at a low temperature will help.
Well hello there everyone! If you’ve seen our previous blog, then you already know that we’re cooking up a blog regarding Raw Food vs. Dry Food for your dog and ...How about a few healthy, whole food raw dog food recipes? A natural barf diet is a combination of all the best quality foods we can feed our dogs, whether you choose a grain or no grain recipe.I did so partly because I was not yet ready to trust that bones were suitable foodstuffs for dogs, and because it was most like the comfortable ‘nutritionally complete’ kibbles I had now sworn off of. But nobody had yet shown me how to make raw dog food.