The lightest weight, indoor/outdoor pet ramp we could find

But some dogs have trouble getting in and out of high-sitting SUVs or trucks. Repeated jumping up and down from high places is punishing on joints. When SUVs became popular, the demand for ramps and pet steps for SUVs skyrocketed. That's because most dogs absolutely adore going out for a ride with their owners. So owners, not wanting to disappoint their best friends, demanded products that help their pets to safely access their SUV (or any other high vehicle).

Our steps are superior to other dog ramps for SUVs for the following reasons:

Dog ramps for SUVs allow your dog to get into the back of your SUV, but are clumsy to use and difficult to store. WaterDog Adventure Gear has developed a set of free-standing dog steps that are perfect for vehicle boarding and a variety of other indoor/outdoor situations where your dog needs safe, pet-friendly accessibility. The 6-step design provides a vertical rise of 24″ from ground/floor to the top step. The 4″ deep, flat steps with integral toe plate and 4″ step height is suitable for dogs of various heights.

Pet ramp features gentle design ..

Our dog ramps for SUVs are portable and feature either a telescoping design or they fold up for easy storage. Our Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp is super lightweight and it supports large amounts of weight with no bending. The combination aluminum and plastic design make these the lightest and strongest dog ramps for cars on the market. It's also more compact, making it easier to use and store. The telescoping design is the secret to making this ramp so easy to use - just slide it out to use and slide it in to stow. No clumsy folding and unfolding required. Use it fully-extended for SUVs, pickups, grooming table, etc. Shorten the ramp when space is limited or when the upper surface isn't as high, such as a bed, couch, or minivan. The unique wavy walking surface with non-slip tread gives pets a sure footing, especially on steep climbs. These dog ramps for pick-up trucks also include a convenient carry handle and safety release latch to prevent accidental opening. Plus, the ultra-stiff design utilizes four rubber feet to keep the ramp stable while in use. Size Large: weighs 13 lbs. Size X-Large: weighs 18 lbs.

Great for MiniVans, SUVs, homes, steps, patios, sofas, and more!

It was exhausing. We eventually, had to lift them in the truck. I always had to make sure someone was available to help me lift them in. SUV's are not good for large, old dogs. The ramps do not give them a sense of security. You would have a better chance with steps.

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