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If you are an owner or in charge of a dog kennel facility, you may have been looking for a better solution to kennel flooring. provide a surface made of rubber that is durable and softer than concrete and towels over concrete. There are many prize pedigree dog breeders in the country that breed show-quality dogs. These dogs and puppies are very expensive to own and maintain and require a lot of time and energy. Owners of such dogs and kennels will want to protect their investments with . Dogs can be destructive when bored and left unattended for long periods of time. They can also make messes in their living areas when they can no longer hold their bladder or colon, making a floor that is easy to clean a necessary thing to have. These mats can also be used as a . They can be a part of training dogs to have a designated space to go to on command where they need a quiet place to retreat to.

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There are many other types of flooring besides rubber flooring for dogs. Concrete can be costly if done by a professional. It is also quite permanent, making it difficult to move the kennel if the need arises later on. Dog kennel mats are affordable and can be cut to size. They can be moved easily and are much more slightly than concrete or dirt. Grass is tough to maintain, especially when dogs urinate on it and dig at it. Rubber dog-friendly flooring is durable and can handle the heavy weight of large breed dogs. It can also be cleaned very easily as it is moisture-resistant. Dogs often make big messes, no matter the size of the breed. All that needs to be done to clean rubber flooring for dogs is hose it down with water, or wipe it off. It is important, however, not to use any corrosive chemicals to clean it. Dog kennel mats are anti-microbial, and do not encourage the growth of bacteria or mold, so simple cleaners or water often do the trick. Such ease in cleaning these mats make them beneficial to owners who have very busy schedules and do not want to spend too much time scrubbing their dog’s kennel floor.

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Find great deals on DHgate for best selling dog pen mats. Buy wholesale blackhead extractor pen and digital pen style with bulk prices. When you use the pen outside, you can put your dog on the grass if you want to, but another handy item is an exercise pen mat made of woven polypropylene. The weave is loose enough to allow urine to seep through the mat and into the ground. These mats come in all kinds of sizes and colors and patterns and offer protective ground cover, if that is what you need for a particular situation. They are easy to clean with a hose and easy to fold or roll up for travel (just take a large garbage bag along to put one in after it's been used). If you don't want to use the mat, I suggest packing a vinyl tablecloth, which can be used for the same purpose. You can get nice heavy ones at reasonable prices if you shop for them after holidays. They may have Easter Bunnies, Santas, turkeys, or firecrackers on them, but who cares? That side is face down anyway!

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These heavy duty "Drain Thru" mats raise your dog up off the floor to keep him/her from sitting in a pool of water or it's own accidents. Its open design allows liquid to pass thru to the crate pan so More

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