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PlayaPup belly bands provides several excellent advantages. There are ideal for those canines who want to mark their territory and dribble round your house. The stomach band trains them not to pee in the home or when heading out, when your dog has it on. Belly bands also supply short-term assistance to dogs with incontinence issues, particularly designed for elderly male dogs. For pee absorption, include a panty liner or tissues.

See below a preview of the dog’s panty patterns: There are 2 patterns: the front and the back.

My inner child can barely say the word "panties" without cracking a smile and I definitely can't look at this picture without a chuckle. If you're about to wet yourself already — sorry, couldn't help it — then you don't want to resist checking out this line of absorbent undies for pets in a variety of sizes and fabrics ($20 – $35) with your dog's fit and fashion sense in mind.

I'm also not kidding when I say the ' offerings include panties, thongs, jumpers, and cummerbunds but I still have plenty of clever captions for puppy photo shoot so see if I can make you giggle, too!

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Fitwarm Soft Cotton Paws Pet Dog Diapers Sanitary Pants Washable Female Season Heat Nappies - Blue These pretty Dog Diapers (Puppy Panties) are designed by Doggie Design and are perfect for housebreaking your puppies or female dogs going through "that time of the month."

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Kennel Komforts, used along with an absorbent (sanitary) pad, are fashionable “dog panties” and “belly bands” that are as cute as they are effective at keeping dog pee away from your home’s flooring and walls.

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We have several pairs of Seasonals and some that are over 11 years old! We have used squatty body size for bulldogs. These panties have been washed uncountable times. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a couple pairs over the years because I’ve occasionally loaned them to others. The quality is superb, and if you phone, customer service is excellent!This pattern is to make a dog diaper that can be used as sanitary panties for female dogs in heat, or in cases of incontinence or to protect this area after dog’s surgery.NEW: Unique “pants” design protecting female dogs in heat or having urinary incontinence issues, yet allowing for defecating outside the diaper. Many of you have asked me for a female dog sanitary panties, so here I bring you the patterns that can be used as a diaper with a sanitary napkin or simply like a cute shorts for summer time.Although some time ago I published the panties pattern which is similar and actually does the same function (you can see it ) this dog diaper pattern has some important improvements that I want to tell. We guarantee our belly bands for dogs to be the most effective on the market and our diapers for dogs to be the best fitting dog panties your pet will ever wear. For the best dog diapers and dog belly bands you’ll find anywhere, order your Kennel Komforts today! - -