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Overnight stays away from home can be stressful for your dog — and for you. The right boarding facility can make all the difference; a good kennel not only allays everyone’s anxiety but can also turn your dog’s stay into an enjoyable experience for pets and people alike. Finding the right kennel is as simple as asking the right questions. There are a few crucial things to know before you leave your dog overnight — or longer. Here’s what I look for in a good kennel.

We are here Overnight Dog Boarding. 3 Dogs provides kennel free dog boarding , with 24 hour supervision in a safe, comfortable environment.

Personal space is important for the comfort of your dog. Each dog has their own kennel to stretch out and relax in during their stay. Chainlink fences provide your dog with the ability to see all of their surroundings and interact with dogs in the kennels surrounding them. Our unique building layout helps to reduce the stress of a kennel environment. We have a variety of rooms and kennel sizes appropriate for the size and temperament of your dog. Kennel areas are climate controlled with air conditioning and central heating with fans to circulate air flow.

Comfort is our top priority! Blankets and bowls are provided by Apple Creek for every boarding and daycare dog! We welcome anything you wish to bring from home to make your dogs stay more comfortable, but keep in mind your dog may chew items more frequently while away from home.
Our staff is comprised of dog-lovers who are passionate for everything canine: interacting and playing, monitoring their health, keeping their living space clean, and reassuring them that everything will be OK until their parents pick them up.

Dogs who stay overnight are invited to join playtime with the daycare dogs.

Daycare playtime while boarding = $18.00 per day

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Dog Boarding. Rocky Mountain Kennels provides state-of-the-art accommodations for our overnight guests so you can rest easy while away from your pet. Having multiple dogs can be expensive when you go out of town. Save some money and join us at Apple Creek Kennel where we reward you for bringing in more than one dog for overnight boarding or doggie day care!

We want to make their stay fun and comfortable

Thank you for your interest in Dawg Gone It, a fun, modern and safe multi service pet facility catering to all your dogs needs while you are away. At Dawg Gone It we strive to give your pet the very best in daycare and overnight lodging. Dawg Gone It is far from the boarding kennels of yesteryear but rather a forward thinking, activity based luxury dog hotel. Our courteous, knowledgeable and friendly staff will ensure that you leave your pet knowing he will have a great stay away from home.

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At Elizabeth Country Kennels Pet Resort, we know that your pets are part of the family, and we make them part of our family while they’re here. Whether they come for a fun-filled day of doggie day care while you're at work or spend a whole vacation with us, your pet will be cared for in a safe and comfortable family environment by our excellent staff.

Our kennel is unique in that the owners live on-site, so pets are never left alone overnight. We have 60 beautiful acres of land for your pets to explore during nature walks and scheduled outdoor time. We’re also PCSA members and our staff is specially trained to give your pets the highest quality care. Our Services include:

Whether you’re boarding them while you’re on vacation or dropping them off for daycare while you’re at work, leaving your fur-children behind shouldn’t be a nerve-racking experience. Emerald Street Kennels is dedicated to providing safe and for the discerning Boise pet owner. Our facilities are extremely well equipped to accommodate dogs of every size, with roomy 4X6 private rooms for overnight stays and multiple indoor and outdoor play areas.