Sonic mat that uses sound, not shock to train your cat or dog

Pet Repeller Furniture Pad crunches when your cat of dog jumps on, causing him to jump right back off! Throwing a blanket on the sofa of bed keeps it clean, it won’t teach pets to stay off the couch or bed like this pet repeller furniture pad. The sound this pad makes is the perfect pet deterrent and unlike other pet mats out there, this one will not harm your animal with a painful shock. This mat works well with most animals, especially dogs as they hate the noise and feel. Nothing is 100% effective, and there are some animals that just don’t care about the different feel.

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X-Mat Foldable Pet Sofa Couch Deterrent Training Mat

Train dogs and cats that an area is a pet free zone. lay the mat down and pointy nubs discourage paws from stepping on it. Recommended by professional trainers to keep animals off of furniture and tables. Place on any of the following to keep it a pet free: Beds, Sofas, Doorways, Tables, Chairs, Plants.

High Tech Pet Sofa Scram Sonic Scat Pad, 2" H X 12' W X 59" L.

80%OFF Textiles Pet Dog Bed Ultra Soft Warm Cat Beds Cushion Puppy Couch Mat Kennel 34" This worked from day one! I have 3 dogs who have ruined my couch. My small dog would even get excited and pee on it. So I bought a new set, but wanted to break them from being on the furniture before my new ones were delivered. This has worked since day one. I have a small, medium and large dog, I just leave the setting on medium, although I probably would not even have to turn it on. Only my boston terrier forgot once and got back on it the 2nd time, and never has again. My boxer who is the most hard headed has only did it one time. I am amazed at how well it works. The large leaves about 3 inches on each side of the sofa, but it doesn't matter, they don't anywhere near it(no need to extend). The large fits my loveseat perfect, so now I'm going to order one for my chair. because they know that one does not have one. The 9 volt battery has been just fine for it, not ran down. Don't think I would need the adaptors. Highly recomend if you need quick training to stay off furniture! Now I have to get my little one to stay off the throw rugs, 1st things first!...

here's an idea to keep the dog off the sofa

These are the real scat mats, not the pawz away version. The Scat Mat is a touch sensitive training mat which tells your cat or dog "No", even when you aren't there. PetSafe Scat Mats (formerly made by Contech) teach and train pets to stay away from areas where you don't want them by giving them a harmless little static shock. They have three levels of intensity that you can adjust for varying pet sizes or stubbornness. Put the clear vinyl Scat Mat in the doorway to a room, lay it across your sofa, or place it on your counters. It will keep your dog off of the couch! The Scat Mat will remain on guard 24 hours a day protecting your furniture from your pet. This is the best product on the market for keeping pets away from where they are not supposed to be.

Diana Mulder: How to keep your dog off your Living Room couch