Dog E-Collar: Is It A Necessity

I actually tried to count all the steps one day, and after I got to 100, I decided that was enough. It takes more than 100 steps to make one collar—that should be impactful enough for anyone who questions our pricing. I personally drive to Napa every two weeks and pick hides. We buy half of a cow, basically. … Weekly we go through the orders—we work three weeks out—and my prep guy makes all these different lengths based on neck sizes. He bevels them, dyes them and skives them, which is this thing with this razor blade that basically takes depth out of it. Otherwise it’s thick and chunky and might crack. It’s also just thick—it's like a neck-brace on dogs.

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When designing this homemade dog cone alternative, I used the Bite Not Collar as inspiration. This dog collar resembles a human neck brace. It prevents dogs from turning their necks from side to side or downward, but this collar wasn’t perfect. The bottom edges would dig into my dog’s shoulders—ouch! Hmm, I thought maybe I could make something a bit better.

Pet Injury Protection: Alternatives to the Cone for Dogs and Cats

Jan 13, 2010 - Most commonly used neck braces are form-fitting, rigid, padded plastic collars that prevent a dog from bending her neck Also, I find numerous references out there on the Web to "the dog being sent home from the vet's with a neck brace (or cervical collar)". Obviously they can't all be custom-made. So I'd get on the phone and ask some different vets where you can buy a neck brace. Obviously your personal family vet is not au courant with the latest in canine medical technology.

Here are vet-recommended cat and dog cone alternatives

Here’s a product with a very different design. The BiteNot collar, distributed by Bite Not Products, Inc., of San Francisco, California, resembles a neck brace for humans – the kind people have to wear after they get whiplash. The interior surface is a thinly padded foam rubber material; the outer surface is a stiff plastic shell. Velcro fasteners – and a nylon strap that wraps around the dog’s shoulders and under his armpits – hold the product very securely in place.

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Because some dogs simply refuse to accept E collars, veterinarians and pet owners have been forced to devise some alternatives. Several manufacturers produce alternative versions of the E collar, which may not be as objectionable to your dog. Some are similar in shape, but constructed from pliable materials, while others work like a rigid neck brace that keeps your dog's neck straight, but does not extend from her head. Balloon-like pillows, designed to go around your dog's neck, also may be more comfortable for your dog. It is also possible to treat the problem in an entirely different way: Rather than restrict your dog's movements, cover up the wound with protective clothing, bandages or a combination thereof.A canine neck brace provides an alternative to the Elizabethan collar. Most commonly used neck braces are form-fitting, rigid, padded plastic collars that prevent a dog from bending her neck. She can still freely move her body and lower her head to eat or drink. However, she will be unable to reach her stitches to lick them, unless her stitches are on her front legs or front paws. An inflatable vinyl neck brace is a variation of the rigid neck brace; and it may be suitable in some cases for keeping a dog from licking her stitches.