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There are special clippers designed to cut our dog’s nails. Please do not try to do this with human clippers. Many stores carry guillotine clippers, claw or scissor action clippers, and Dremel style rotating nail files (sanders or grinders). Which you choose depends on personal preference. I like the Dremel because I can work down slowly, and it is much harder to trim too short, as can easily be done with cutting type appliances…but the sound can be disturbing to some dogs, so it may be best to just let it run so the dog can hear it and get adjusted to the sound before actually trying to do any trimming with it.

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You can also use a Dremel, which is like an electric nail file for dogs. I discuss all three of these products in this pet nail clippers for dogs comparison. Personally, I prefer the traditional pet clippers (and I'll explain why), but the choice is really about your personal preference and the nail trimmers that your pet likes best.

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Dec 13, 2011 - Using a dremel on a dog is comparable to using a nail file to file your own nails Hi There! I use a Dremel re-chargeable variable speed tool, with fine grit sanding drum. ONCE a dog’s nails are trimmed, I then send the dog’s owner home with a nail file, purchased at a beauty supply open to the public, 100 grit nail file for ‘Acrylic Nails” its a human’s nail file, with the right texture, and I post videos showing dog owners how to do nails this way…… for free.

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You will also see a Dremel dog nail grinder (). These are electric devices that file the nail down instead of clipping the tip off. I don't prefer these simply because it takes a lot longer to trim your dog's nails with a Dremel than with regular dog clippers. Also, dogs may be timid around a Dremel tool due to the noise that it makes.

How to Trim Your Dogs Nails with a Nail Grinder or Dremel Tool

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