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For a well-groomed appearance, dogs need to be combed and brushed regularly. The Four Paws Magic Coat Mat Removing Dog Comb works great on stubborn mats and tangles. Mats can hurt your dog and when a mat forms, quickly remove it. Mat removing comb blades tackle unmanageable mats efficiently while maintaining the coat's length.

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While you won't get mats out with a bristle brush, you can work de-tangling agents into your pup's coat that make the removal process easier. Work from the underside of your pet's coat toward the top layer, brushing all of the hairs. To make this effective, use the right bristle brush for your pooch. Wiry-haired dogs need stiffer bristles than smooth-coated pups; long-haired dogs require longer bristles than short-haired dogs.

Matted Hair: Ten Tips For Removing Mats from Your Dog's Coat.

- Before you start the washing, brush your dog thoroughly and remove any mats. ogs with long or thick coats are prone to developing tangles, which then develop into mats. Mats are not only unattractive, they can be painful for your dog. The tangle can be so tight that it pulls on the skin. Removing mats is a also a challenge. If your dog's coat is severely matted, plan to break the job up into several days. This will make it more tolerable for both you and your pup.

What dog grooming tools do you need for removing the mats?

What Can I Do About My Dog’s Matted Coat?
Regular grooming with a brush or comb helps keep your dog’s coat in good condition by removing dander and dirt, spreading natural body oils throughout the hair coat, keeping the skin clean, and preventing tangles and mats.

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First, make sure your dog is comfortable and calm. Pet him gently and offer him treats as you start to de-mat. Once your dog is relaxed, hydrate his hair by spraying his coat with a coat conditioner, like no-rinse shampoo. This makes it easier to separate the clumps, eases the pulling of a brush or comb and helps release any debris that might be caught in your dog’s hair. After the coat is saturated, separate as much of the mat as possible with your fingers. If you are able to partially separate the mat, it can sometimes be removed with a de-matting comb. Hold the base of the mat with your fingers to avoid pulling your dog’s skin and pull the comb through the mat from the base.For especially persistent mats, massaging the mat and the surrounding area with nonstick cooking sprays or a bit of cornstarch can help loosen the hair and ease caught debris out. It can also help guide the de-matting comb through the mat without pulling on your dog’s skin. Once the mat has been removed, comb out any remaining tangles. And make sure to praise your dog for his cooperation so that removing mats remains a practically painless process.