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Looking for serious gear for the true outdoors-dog? Check out our suggestions for hikers, campers, and nature lovers — and their participating pups.

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19. Old dogs deserve just as much love and attention as puppies. Everyone loves puppies, but senior dogs have spent many more years loving and being loyal to their humans.

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is your one-stop shop for loving and trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers near you. Too many Pets lose their happy homes
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or worse. Dog lovers want to be a part
of the solution. By making sure you get
the help and knowledge it takes to
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5. Dogs love to have jobs. Keeping your dogs active and fit will not only maintain their physical health, it will keep them mentally happy too. “A tired dog is a happy dog.”

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Most dogs and cats thrive well on whole raw feed diets, a great way to feed your pet but not everyone has the time or the knowledge to prepare a well balanced raw feed diet or can afford the high prices these food products usually costs. We are dedicated to produce healthy food for pets at a reasonable price for all dog and cat lovers. We have created a product that promotes good health, longevity and wellbeing. Our formula is developed to meet the nutritional requirement of our pets for a healthier and happier life by utilizing only the highest level of quality ingredients that would really benefit our companions and surpass many pet owner's expectations.Dog Lovers Gold and Cat Lovers Gold are formulated for All Life Stages of dogs and cats. Puppies or kittens have exactly the same need for quality ingredients as an adult dog or cat. In nature your pet couldn't choose between a puppy, performance or light formulation. They simply eat more or eat less of the same diet to meet their individual needs depending on age and activity levels. Your pup or kitten as well as your adult pet deserve the same high quality ingredients. Senior and overweight pets require smaller quantities of the same high-quality food and not excessive amounts of low quality indigestible fillers.Because a healthy life begins with healthy nutrition we balanced the proportions of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for optimum levels for All Life Stages. Our formula contains different proteins;
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