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Whether you have one four legged indoor companion or a bevy of bishon frises, our lightweight natural dog litter offers a convenient and comforting place for your dog to GO indoors. A great solution for small dog owners, ill or senior dogs, breeders, trainers, doggie daycares, rescues and more.

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The solution Doc later discovered was a specially-made table. The special table enclosed the cat pan. Now, if you do a Google search for litter box furniture, most of the furniture is nice, but the cat access hole is on the front or back or side of the box, making dog ingress just as likely as cat egress. You need the hole to be up off the floor, where the dogs will have a tough time getting to the litter. (If your dog does jump up, and then down into the pan, he or she will probably get stuck. How embarrassing!)

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When choosing a litter pan size, make sure you buy the size of the pan appropriate to the size of your dog when full grown. With Puppy Pan, you can see results in as little as one to two weeks when you follow the Puppy Pan Training System. Trainers have observed some puppies adjust to the system in just one weekend! Every dog is different however, and some dogs may take a few weeks to show progress. Following the guidelines and maintaining consistency with your dog is the key to success.

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Puppy Pan offers an alternative that can be used alone or in conjunction with taking your pet outside, providing convenience and flexibility for dog owners. The Puppy Pan system is superior to other indoor dog systems because of our custom designed pan which meets the particular requirements of a wide variety of dog breeds.

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The highly absorbent litter material is made from paper and wood pulp products.secondnature® brand dog litter has special properties, whichactually absorb moisture from the bottom up, meaning that your dog's liquid wastewill go to the bottom of the pan and then be drawn up through the litter.
It sounds like your puppy knows how to use the secondnature brandlitter pan. If you have recently moved the pan, you may want to move it back toit’s original location. This could also be the result of your puppy/dog becominga little lazy about getting in the pan. You can first try to be nearby when thedog starts to eliminate. Simply nudge him/her into the pan. You may have to do thisseveral times until your dog is consistently using the pan again.
It sounds like your puppy knows how to use the secondnature® brandlitter pan. If you have recently moved the pan, you may want to move it back toit’s original location. This could be the result of your puppy/dog becoming a littlelazy about getting all the way in the pan. First, you can try to be nearby whenthe dog is using the pan. Simply nudge him/her all the way into the pan. You mayhave to do this several times until your dog is consistently going all the way intothe pan. If your dog continues to straddle the pan, try leaving the front 1/4 ofthe pan litter-free so that your dog will have to move further in to have the frontpaws touching the litter. This is usually successful in getting the dog back ontrack. As a last resort, you may want to turn the litter pan so that the open endis up against a wall. This may help your puppy to get back into the habit of gettingall the way into the pan before he eliminates.
The litter system will work for larger dogs. We do not currently make a pan fordogs larger than 35 lbs. You can use a kiddy pool or a large under-the-bed stylecontainer to fit your needs. Our research did not indicate a great consumer needfor an indoor pan for larger dogs.