Grey Python climbing rope dog leash with locking carabiner.

Widely used in the climbing and outdoor industry, these carabiner clips are the bomb! The new anodized blue locking carabiner clip is laser-etched with TUFF LEASH®. Your dog will look super cool sporting his or her new branded carabiner clip!

Lemon Lime dog leash with locking carabiner.

The Ruffwear Knot-a-Long Reflective Dog Leash with Locking Carabiner is the perfect length to keep your dog close and safe. This Ruffwear 30" short dog leash is ideal for city walking, high-traffic situations, or for use with a coupler for walking 2...

Green climbing rope dog leash with locking carabiner.

Midnight climbing rope dog leash with locking carabiner. The second photo is her NEW CUSTOM CHEW PROOF TUFF LEASH with locking 360-degree carabiner clips and extra D-rings that were sewn in to give her different clipping "options." She also wanted a "second" handle close to the dogs so she could control them in public, crossing busy streets, etc.

Lemon Lime dog leash with locking carabiner.

A dog leash is a simple design. That doesn’t mean it needs to be designed with simple materials. Unlike pet stores, we build our dog leashes as if we are building a life line for your biggest and strongest dogs. Strength and safety are important. For even more strength, a light weight locking carabiner or carabiner and nanoSwivel combination are available.

Pink striped dog leash with locking carabiner.

We have had several requests from our AWESOME TUFF LEASH® customers to add a locking carabiner clip to our TUFF LEASHES®. If you have a big dog, playful dog, or just want the added security and piece of mind that your dog is secured to his/her leash........then this locking carabiner clip is for YOU. Effective 1-26-13 ALL TUFF LEASHES® will ship with the new locking carabiner clip. We love it and so will you!The silvery gray and black is reminiscent of colors seen in a wolfs coat and a popular choice with many customers. This leash is ideal for the most rugged of terrain and can be custom ordered with a compact 3.5 inch forged aluminum locking carabiner for those really big dogs.Not your ordinary boring metal dog leash clip. All of our TUFF dog leashes come complete with locking carabiners or black spring clips......HOWEVER, these super light weight, bomb proof carabiner clips are great to have handy if you would like to clip the leash handle around your waist, camp site, car bumper, carry a poop bag, or to even attach your smart phone case.Let me start by saying that the shipping was incredibly fast, which is always attractive. I ordered the Blue Agave dog leash with the optional carabiner and it arrived today. The quality is top notch; better than any other leash that I have paid $50+ for. I was a bit worried that the clamps would come loose from a dog that pulls quite a bit, but this leash is STRONG. Could not be more pleased from this leash... excellent quality, aesthetic appeal, and ergonomic design. Great job!