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With the days getting shorter, it's almost that time of year again when you trip your neighbors on your dog's leash. Or maybe it's that time of year when your dog takes off across the dog park and you're like WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, DOG? Either way, the has this light-up six-foot leash, visible from one-quarter mile away in the dark, and can wrangle up to a 60 pound dog. Added bonus: $3 from every purchase goes toward an animal welfare nonprofit! Sounds like animal rescue groups Pup Crawls have taken place in California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, raising tens of thousands of dollars for rescue dogs and animals. AWW! You can .

Checkout Sheeva the official HouseOfRave Dog getting ready for a walk with her Light Up Dog Leash:

We have tried other light-up accessories, but what really interested us in the Shine for Dogs line (aside from the amazing charitable aspect) is that its items are rechargeable by USB cable and do not require frequent replacement of expensive batteries. Charging the leashes and collars is exactly like charging your phone or tablet, and the collars come with the cables needed. (This can be both a plus and minus as you’ll see later on.)

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Light up the dark and stay safe with the Spots Light LED Dog Collar and Leash. I really like that the Shine for Dogs LED dog leash uses fiber optics, not wire LED, to create an insulated system. When my collar first arrived a few weeks back, I was a little worried about damaging the lights as I resized the band for my thin-necked dog. That both the collar and leash use fiber optics instead of wires creates more durable products that can withstand the test of time. I was happy to see that the leash uses the same fiber optic system as the collar. The material is also weather resistant and splash proof. However, never submerge the leash in water as the light system is not water proof. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the material clean.

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These Yippr Classic Lighted Dog Leashes are available in 7 different colors and remains a favorite with dog lovers that want a lightweight LED leash. With strong nylon webbing, a high quality stainless steel snap these leashes can withstand heavy pulling and tugging.

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