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Turning and walking in the other direction not only stops your dog from pulling in that moment, but also gives him another chance to be a "good boy" by walking by your side for at least a moment when he catches up to you. When he is by your side, praise him and feed him a treat and grab up the knot again. Continue rewarding for each step he takes with you. If he passes you and is about to get to the end of the knotted portion of the leash, repeat the above procedure of saying "easy" and then "oops" and turning around. Careful not to get dizzy! By the way, saying the words "easy" and "oops" will help your dog to catch on to this new routine a little faster, but don't worry if you can't remember to say them at first (learning new things is hard, isn't it, your dog thinks so too!). Feel free to substitute different words that come more naturally to you.

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While you are walking, have several treats in your left hand (if your dog is walking on your left side) and hold your hand in front of your dog’s nose. Every few seconds, give your dog a treat and praise her for walking nicely on leash. If your dog begins to pull on the leash, stop immediately and get your dog’s attention. Ask her to sit, then put your treat hand back in front of her nose and start walking again. Practice daily for at least a week, then stop luring your dog with treats in your hand. Instead, treat your dog every other step or so with a treat from your left pocket or treat pouch. Over the course of many training sessions, gradually increase the number of steps you go in between treats. First reward your dog every 5 steps, then every 10 steps, and so on.

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Get my list of 6 training techniques you can use to help your dog to stop pulling on leash. If your dog continues to pull after you’ve been stopped for three seconds, start very slowly walking backwards. Your dog will realize she’s losing ground now, not gaining it. When the dog turns around to look at you, wondering what’s gone wrong at your end of the leash, the leash will loosen a little bit. At that point, you can praise her and start walking forward again.

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Rewarding your dog for good behavior is vital in leash training. If the dog stops to look at you, treat and praise. Another way to work on the problem is to stop where you are until the leash is loose. Once the leash is loose, treat and praise, and then you can continue the walk. This is telling your dog that when he pulls, you will not move.

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