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My former neighbor's toddler was nearly garroted when the other neighbor's King Charles Cavalier wrapped the flexi leash around the child's neck. A friend's daughter was walking her JRT on a flexi and, while she held the leash, the dog darted into the road and was struck and killed by a car. These leashes are more than crap - they're extremely dangerous.

Stand behind your dog with the Flexi safety collar in your hand and the leash in a pocket.

Perhaps I only notice Flexis when the dog is out 15 feet. When the dog is actually heeling on a Flexi leash, it’s possible I don’t even notice what kind of leash it is on.

Flexi Vario Tape Retractable Dog Leash in Red

Product Name: Flexi Freedom Retractable Cord Dog LeashPrice: Around $15.00Warranty: Lifetime I agree, we just lost our Doberman (14). He was 8 when we adopted him, and came in wearing nothing but a choke chain. He was a terrible walker on a leash (we were told) and we noticed he couldn't lift his head to the full-upright position.
Our vet diagnosed him with Wobbler's syndrome, though it could very well have been neck injuries due to using the choke chain/collar on his neck with his extensive pulling. Our vet recommended using a prong or a harness with him (we used a harness) and said the absolute worst thing we could use on him was a head halter. He lived a long happy life but had incontinence due to steroide use for his spine, so he ruined a lot of carpet and furniture, hahaha.

As for Flexi leashes, I own two. Our dogs have always been extremely well behaved and trained, and we foster for various shelters and rescues. I would never use one in a public area.
I use them for photographing dogs (if we go on hikes/scenic areas, I can allow the dogs up onto the boulders/into water etc and get pictures without having to take them off leash) the thin cords are easy to Photoshop out of photos and "pretty" them up.
Also when we go to the dog-friendly beach, It is dog-friendly, but they aren't allowed off leash. Carrying around 20+ feet of rope isn't ideal. They have great re-call and stay with us, but it allows them to play and swim and still abide by the leash laws.
I believe they have their purpose with a dog that is already trained, and not to be used in public areas/traffic. But I think in remote areas/hiking etc they can be a great tool. The only injury I have ever received from them is bloody knuckles from rubbing on the back of the handle.
Our GSD has a backpack and I usually put the Flexi in it "just in case" we go somewhere where it would be handy.

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No she wouldn't jenell because the dog would not have been at full flight by running to the end of a standard leash as he would have been by the time the flexi had fully extended. I do have a flexi for my old dog as he is going deaf and blind but to walk to the field he is on a standard leash until we get there.

Flexi New Classic Large Retractable Dog Leash (Tape) 26ft Black.