This dog getting chased through the park by a lawn chair ..

Georgie Cutright recently sold the van he's been living in so he could buy supplies for the trip, including dog food and water. His "dog sled" is actually a lawn chair sitting on top of a skateboard.

Repurposed metal lawn chair using dog food bags for the chair webbing.

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Jul 30, 2015 - This Dog Struggles So Hard To Get Into A Lawn Chair

The kicker, he has no car, only his lawn chair, long board, and two husky dogs. A homeless Knoxville man plans to hitch his two huskies to a homemade dog sled made out of a lawn chair and a skateboard and travel 2,200 miles across the country to Venice Beach, California.

Lawn chair for dog pool ramp tethered in place

To find out what’s on the menu go .Decisions, decisions… there are so many choices. Pack a picnic basket with fried chicken or caviar, it’s up to you. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Definitely bring the whole family. Yes, you may even pack alcohol. But please, leave the glass containers at home. without the express written consent of the City of Houston. Smart phones, cell phones, pagers… turn ‘em off! Please be polite to those around you… everyone is here to enjoy the performance, not listen to you talk on the phone. Smoking is prohibited in Hermann Park and at Miller Outdoor Theatre, including the hill.Sorry, dogs are not permitted in the seated area. As a matter of courtesy to those who are not dog lovers and those who are afraid of dogs of any size, we ask that you leave dogs at home during performances.Listening devices are available for the hearing-impaired at the Miller Theatre Security Desk one hour prior to curtain time. A valid Texas Driver's License or state issued ID card is required for deposit. Please check the calendar for performances marked as audio described.

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Blankets are a must (no lawn chairs please). Don’t forget your bug spray and sunscreen, too. The evening breeze can get chilly, so you may feel comfortable bringing an extra layer or two as well. As always, no dogs are allowed on the Great Lawn.Details: $27 Cypress Resident ($29 Non-Resident), plus $5 Ins./Mat. fee (includes Frisbee); 90-minute introductory workshop with maximum enrollment of 6 dogs; bring your dog with leash and collar or harness, current vaccination record, water, lawn chair, and clean-up bagsIf there is a hose nearby, spray the hose directly into their eyes and nose. With luck they will release each other. Keep spraying one or both of them until they back off and cool off. If you can’t find a hose, grab a piece of plywood, a lawn chair, a trash can lid, anything you can force between them and use to fend them off of each other. Throwing a tarp or heavy blanket on top of them might smother the fight and let you safely pull one dog away.Can I bring my own food or drinks in to Coca-Cola Park?
For the safety of our fans and per facility policy, food, beverages, weapons of any kind, (even with a concealed weapons permit) containers such as coolers or thermoses, lawn chairs, helium balloons, banners or signs that are not in the spirit of the event or that obstruct the view of others, animals other than service animals or Dog Day visitors, compressed air horns are all prohibited at Coca-Cola Park.