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Another form of dog enclosure that we looked at was outside dog kennels made of wood. Typically this model is very aesthetically pleasing, however, it doesn’t serve quite the same functionality as a chain-link dog enclosure.

for the bottom of outside dog kennel - keep dog from digging out of kennel run

The PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets provides a giant enclosure that will keep your pets safe and happy in your backyard. This dog kennel is made of a wonderful galvanized steel chain-link metal. The size is truly amazing. If you have multiple dogs, they will be allowed to run freely and play happily within this enclosure. It provides them an ample amount of room to run around and enjoy themselves. You also have the option of purchasing a sunshade cover so your dogs can even be placed inside of the outside dog kennel on the sunniest and most sweltering of days. The stock kennel is also suitable for indoor use, should you have the luxury of having enough room within your home.

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for those days when The Doogs insist on being outside 24/7.....10x16 Dog kennel and run for large breed dogs If you are looking for a strictly outside dog kennel that will stand up to anything and will give your large dog or large dogs plenty of space the is the best choice. It’s expensive but worth the cost. It will last a long time and keep your dog or dogs comfortable. Just keep in mind that you will need to buy or make some type of roof for it. If you regularly put your dog outside for hours at a time or if your dog lives primarily outdoors this is the kennel that you should provide for your dog. This large outdoor dog kennel covers all the bases and it’s sturdy enough to last. It is also pretty easy to put together.

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Metal dog kennels with smooth edges are the best kind to get for your dog. Just make sure that the metal doesn’t become too hot when it’s left in the sun. Also, you should be sure that it’s heavy duty and able to stand up to the weather outside. There are lots of ways that you perform a little DIY to turn a commercial dog kennel or dog run into the perfect custom kennel for your dog’s needs. Here’s a quick look at some of the best large dog kennels on the market:

Lots of work, but my little dude LOVES his outside space

The Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel is a fantastic product for those of you with smaller dog breeds. This outside dog kennel is made of pure galvanized steel. Good book to any dog that tries to chew through this thing. This is also one of the heaviest dog kennels out there. This means that no matter how hard the wind is blowing, this is going nowhere. It also means that your dogs can run into the sides as much as they want and this thing is not to tip over. This is also super easy to assemble and will last nearly forever. Given the low price point on this outdoor dog kennel, you truly are getting a tremendous value if you purchase this.An outdoor dog kennel is especially designed so that it can be kept outside your house. These are available in loads of different colors and designs, and are mainly made with canvas and wooden materials. These kennels can be customized as well, to make them more comfortable for your dog, for example flooring can be added, and a space for food inside the kennel can also be organized. No matter if you have a puppy or a bigger dog, regardless of their breed, your dog would absolutely love to have a living space of its own!