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Installing radiant heating in a dog kennel can be beneficial for many dogs in different living situations. For example, sick dogs recovering from illnesses, whelping, and older dogs simply because their metabolism and general fitness isn’t what it used to be. Another reason to install radiant heating in a dog kennel is for dogs with short hair that doesn’t keep them as warm, such as Dobermans, Greyhounds, and German shorthaired Pointers.

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And the fun does not have to stop when the snow melts. Many sled dog kennels offer rides on wheels during the warmer months. There are dog carts which usually have four wheels, a steering wheel and a brake. Dog scooters usually have two wheels. There are three wheeled dog powered carts also, but I have yet to see a dog unicycle (send me a link if you find one!)

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Keep your dog healthier, happier and warmer with this K&H Lectro-Kennel **Originally designed for Law Enforcement, our barred dog kennels are now available to anyone! With increased ventilation and innovative design, these dog kennels are a great option for dog owners in warmer climates!

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Featuring the same innovative technology as our dog & cat heating products, these chicken coop warming pads & waterers will keep chickens of all sizes warm and safe.

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are similar in some respects to heated kennel mats with the main difference being that they are designed for indoor use only. They provide radiant heating from a heating strip buried inside the padded bed that keeps the surface of the bed about 12° to 15° above the ambient air temperature. The outer covers are usually removable and washable. If you have a drafty house or perhaps an older dog with poor circulation, a heated dog bed is a low cost way to keep your dog warm and snug. Energy consumption is minimal - about the same as that for a 10-watt light bulb.WarmlyYours would be a perfect choice to install in a dog kennel. This easy to use product was specifically designed for heating smaller areas at an affordable cost. With proven TempZone™ technology, MiniMats are available in a standard 120-volt system. The maximum size per mat is 30 square feet and ideal for providing spot heating in a dog kennel.