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Pet boarding operations are becoming more and more popular in the United States. If a pet boarding service wants to survive among its competitors, it must employ an effective cleaning system that will keep the animals happy and healthy throughout their stay. Here are some tips on dog kennel cleaning to keep your services spotless.

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This is one of more versatile kennel systems. Designed with a living-space upstairs and another downstairs, the double-stack can house two medium/small dogs at a time. Or - install the removable divide panel and each space is further divided for a maximum of 4 spaces for small dogs! Great for and , the removable divide does not require tools to switch out - allowing you to customize on the fly. Each unit is constructed from our durable for best comfort and easy cleaning.

Integrated secure gun vault and dog kennel system for hunting.

Traveling Water Bowls & Dog Food Bags, Bowl & Pail Systems for the Kennel and Road. A good example of this is radiant floor heating. If I were building a new home today, for my family, radiant floor heating would be my first choice for a heating solution. I’m sure that is why, several times a year, a new client asks me to use radiant floor heating in the design of their new kennel—it is known as the highest quality home heating product available today. We all want the best for our families and for our animals too. Aside from the lack of ventilation in the winter months, radiant heat flooring turns the entire floor of the building into a radiator, so it becomes the warmest part of the building. Perfect for us people-types, but who wants their dog lying on a radiator? Consider too, that some systems are better than others for animals.

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Both dog runs styles are designed to provide the toughness needed for medium and large aggressive dogs at an affordable price, but they are great for smaller pets too. Both styles are industrial grade kennels! If you need a super strong dog cage for large or aggressive dogs; then you've come to the right place, these all steel enclosures are virtually indestructible! Our systems are great for both backyard and indoors. These systems have been selected by many dog facilities and police departments around the country to keep their valuable and highly trained working dogs safe. Both styles have our large 32" wide door that swings both ways, making it easy to access the cage for dog houses, maintenance or to access other accessories. The K9 Kennel is great as an exercise dog pen or dog run as they can be easily expandable; the modular sections pin together using only two bolts per panel. Panel sizes come in 4ft, 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths, and all panels are a full 6 ft. tall.

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