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Old Mill Kennel in Leesburg, Va had a cathedral ceiling and bare walls, so when one dog barked the noise reverberated, disturbing the other dogs who would also start barking. This set off a chain of events that made the interior of the kennel an uncomfortable place to be for workers and dogs alike. AlphaSorb acoustical panels were installed by Acoustical Solutions, Inc. of Richmond, Va. These acoustical panels absorbed the noise, keeping the dogs calmer and happier.

The Lucky Dog Predator Top Kennel Panel - Roof Panel features commercial grade steel frame, with 8-gauge welded wire mesh and a ro

Say goodbye to ho-hum dog kennel designs. Our engineers start with highly durable stainless steel frames and add the side panels that work best (and look great) in your facility.

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The Lucky Dog Predator Top Kennel Panel - Roof Panel features commercial grade steel frame, with 8-gauge welded wire mesh and a ro We keep galvanized dog kennel panels in stock. These are 1-3/8”, welded steel frame panels with 11 ga. wire. We keep in stock 6’x6’ panels, and 6’x12’ panels (all have the option of including a gate) these can be mixed/matched to create any size or shape enclosure, or you can purchase a complete package (see pricing below)

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The PetSafe Cottageview dog kennel expansion panels give you the flexibility to create the perfect space for your dog. Expand your Cottageview kennel to 7.5 ft. x 7.5 ft., 5 ft. x 10 ft. or create your own custom kennel. The rust-resistant black powder coat finish give them good looks while keeping your pet protected and secure.

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Dog kennel panels sometimes can get worn out or loose. The purpose of dog kennel panels is to keep the dog inside the space while providing adequate airflow. Many dog kennel panels are made from chain link fencing which is attached to two horizontal posts. The following article will explain how to replace dog kennel panels.Powder River’s Dog Kennels continue to improve to better meet the needs of you adn your dog. Some of the latest improvements include: lockable slam latch, heavier hinge, center framed wire for reversibility, wider door opening to accommodate portable kennels, mowers, etc.. The Kennels are constructed from all steel 19-gauge, 1.66 diameter frame and 8 gauge wire. Two connectors are included with each individual panel section. The connectors can be the clean lined tube connector or traditional butterfly clamps (order accordingly).