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Outdoor kennels also can be a place that harbor bacteria. Pet mats make such a superb choice in kennel flooring options because they are anti-microbial and resist the growth of harmful bacteria. They are also superior to dirt because dogs can have a cleaner floor to use, and will not track dirt inside the house. There is less mess with pet mats and they are very easy to clean by hosing them down. Dogs often make messes by drooling, or spilling water, or having accidents, and these mats are moisture-resistant, so they will be less likely to soak in fluids.

Rubber pet mats are the premier flooring mats to keep dogs safe, healthy and happy in their kennels and crates.

Rubber are the premier flooring mats for pets, especially dogs. If you have a dog that you keep in a crate or outdoor kennel, you may have been faced with trying to find different . The small, tight space of dog crates can cause cramping and discomfort to dogs, while cold weather and hard surfaces can affect a dog’s joint health. are a simple solution to help solve some of these issues, as they offer a softer and warmer surface for dogs to use. This is especially beneficial to some older dogs that might be suffering from arthritis. Rubber pet mats also help to keep dogs cleaner.

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Kennel mats can be used to line the floors of dog kennel facilities to keep dogs safe and reduce injury. These economical foam mats are waterproof and easy to clean with a vaccuum. Because they are so easily removed and reinstalled, they can also be taken outside to hose down if needed. The thatch surface is non-slip. You don't have to take our word for it; customers give rave reviews about Foam Mats Economy. Users describe this flooring as being a comfortable, cushioned area for pups to run around and lay on. Further, customers praise the way these colorful mats turn a cold, hard floor into a fun and inviting environment for dogs.

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(1/2 Inch) can cost under $1 per square foot, which is hands down the best price one can find for indoor dog kennel flooring. These durable mats for dog runs not only save on money but save on time as well. The puzzle-piece interlocking system makes the tiles incredibly easy to install and remove if needed.

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