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Country Acres Kennels is one of the largest dog boarding and training facilities in the United States. Our family has been in the pet business for four generations and at our current location since 1972. We have the experience, space, professional staff and first class facilities that your pet needs!

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3. Analyze your regional dog kennel market. Obtain a regional map and pinpoint each kennel within an hour’s driving time. Note each facility’s services such as grooming or doggie day care or perhaps a separate cattery for feline clients accustomed to peace and quiet. Visit each facility anonymously to view the level of cleanliness and staff’s interaction with the animals.

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Toured the facility and was very impressed. Very clean, top notch, spacious kennels. Will not hesitate to leave my dogs here. Today, dog boarding offers so much more. From full sized beds, to television sets, to bottled water, you can find some of the most interesting items and accommodations for your pet. Depending on your pet’s breed, temperament and socialization skills, you can choose either a kennel or a boarding facility for your dog.

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Dog kenneling has come a long way in the past 20 years. Gone are the days of the chain link fences with concrete runs and dogs barking and jumping at each other wanting to get out. There may be some of these rustic facilities still operating, but boarding has definitely gone to the dogs!

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Prairie Ranch Kennels is a wonderful country style boarding and training facility, set on 60 acres of Winona's richest farmland. Our managed food plots offer excellent bird dog training, and our timber trails provide scenic exercise paths for you and your pets. In the traditional country style living we have spacious indoor kennels air conditioned and heated, so your pets feel right at home.Whether you need to board your cat or dog for a day, a week or even a month or longer, Gochenauer Kennels offers clean, safe cat and dog kennel facilities to keep your pet happy and healthy until you return.Dogs will be exercised a minimum of two times daily in our spacious outdoor grass kennels. This outdoor time will be monitored to insure your dog's safety and exercise enjoyment. Our bird dog training facilities offer diverse natural grass and food plot settings. The training experience includes live birds, diverse training techniques, and video recap to monitor your dog's daily progression while under our care.Dog facilities include 49 indoor runs, 47 indoor/outdoor runs, and for small dogs, 38 condos. The kennel is fully heated during the winter and air conditioned during the summer.