Epic Funny Compilation - Cats and dogs walking awkwardly with shoes.

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I truly just laughed so hard I cried. If you have never seen a dog try to walk while wearing shoes for the first time you MUST watch this. Literally still crying right now. @Kyndl Quayle

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Got the old dog translator out for this one.. here's what Booba really thinks of his new shoes. Shoe Dog is a story about a dog who loves to chew on shoes. He is adopted by a lady who owns a lot of shoes. When he chews up all her shoes, he gets in trouble and does not get the affection he wants from his master. Eventually the woman buys something for the dog, so the dog can become a good dog and sleep upstairs with her.

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5 of 5 stars for the story - Shoe Dog is chosen by a loving older woman from the pet store - he has dreamed of a warm, cozy home with a yard to run in captures and lots of shoes to chew. As he destroys all of his owners shoes, he is scolded and eventually relegated to sleeping in the basement - until she brings home a pair of cat slippers. In these he finds satisfaction and no longer needs shoes to chew on.

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Maybe your little guy's toes get a little itchy after a romp in the grass. Or your big bundle of fur keeps burning the pads of his feet on the hot asphalt. Whatever the case, there are plenty of good reasons to buy shoes for dogs. But be warned: puppies aren't always great at stepping out in their fancy footwear. These GIFs will show you what to expect if you let your pooch take a test drive in an adorable pair of tiny dog shoes. Here you’ll find dogs of all breeds and sizes rolling out in the hottest kicks ever to hit the pet store. While some of these little guys are still getting the hang of it, others pimp those tiny Converse like the biggest bosses on the block.If added quality, strength and performance are required, High Performance™ shoes are the footwear of choice. They are more rugged resulting in a longer life span. A dog does not have to be an athlete to wear the High Performance™ shoes.Buying dog shoes is not an easy feat (no pun intended, lol). This page is here to help you decide which shoe best suits your dog's needs. Once you have chosen the style needed, please click back to it's main page to retrieve the rest of the pertinent info such as sizing, price and colours if applicable.WHY THE SUMMER SHOES ?
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