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In the old days you could only find pet-friendly Bed and Breakfasts and Inns, while larger hotel chains were wary of accepting pets. That's all changed. Now, they've learned that being pet-friendly is not only the right attitude--it's also good business. That's why you can now drive into practically any town and find a hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, cabin or cottage that is dog friendly or cat friendly, or both.

As I end this article, the words of a hotel in Maine that I stayed at (with my dog) resonate:

Dallas has been named one of the best places to live in the country, and we like to think it’s partly because we’re so pet-friendly. Here at Pooch Hotel, we do our part to keep dog lovers coming back by providing all the extras you and your dog love.In fact, we love grooming Richardson dogs! Our grooming spa provides the rugged basics, like bathing and brush-outs. But why not go big with a facial or pawdicure? Our spa also offers individual play and a run on our treadmill to help your dog keep fit. And for pets who need some extra TLC, we provide turndown service (dog boarding guests only) and rubdowns.Whatever your pet’s unique needs, we can help in a big way! Book a spa appointment during daycare or while your dog is boarding with us in Dallas!

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Its nice that the travel tips are great for prepare hotel rooms for dogs when travelling. The Dog Hotel (Pet Hotel in ) is a hotel for dogs or cats, basically. You can drop off/swap one or more of your dogs or cats and pick them up later.

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This Joie de Vivre hotel is ideal for a celebration weekend with friends and families. Pronounced "suh-gwarh-oh," after the iconic cactus of the Sonoran Desert, this hotel is a lesson in how color can reinvent simple architecture. The hotel is rainbow painted in 12 vibrant tones found in native desert wildflowers. The pool area is elaborate and the three-story hotel surrounds two pools, two hot tubs, a pool bar, a spa, a bocce ball court and a lawn area where dogs will enjoy cooling their bellies. There are two restaurants: El Jefe, a casual tequila bar that serves Mexican small plates, and Tinto, a sexy space where James Beard Award-winning chef Chef Jose Garces serves up refined Basque tapas and your dog can dine on the patio with you.

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However, there are still some establishments, like hotels, that are falling behind on the rights of these individuals. If you or someone you know is disabled and requires the aid of a service dog, the following information is important for you to know.If the task is apparent (seeing eye dog, wheelchair-related) the staff has no right to inquire about either the service dog or your disability. When dealing with ignorant hotel staff members, presenting your can help alleviate tension. Remember, the staff members are only employees and may not be properly trained in dealing with service animals in the hotel.