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Elaine went to work and hand-crafted a small dog bed that Chelsea could easily plop herself in, without digging. The Puppy Hugger dog bed was born!

He strikes when no one is around and there are adorable dogs to be hugged.

While some dogs make it abundantly clear that hugs are not tolerated, others might simply let the moment pass without comment. And others might absolutely adore hugs from you, their trusted companion, but not from other humans. Why is this? Aren't dogs humans' best friends, craving affection from us? Don't they think hugs are as wonderful as a belly rub or rump scratch?

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I don't hug my dog because 1. He's tiny. Hugging him would be weird. and 2. He hates hugs. The video shows the boy dropping his bicycle on the driveway and sprinting into the open garage ... then briefly hugging the neighbors' dog before make a quick getaway.

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McConnell offers some advice: "Link gradual approximations of hugs with something your dog adores, whether it is food, playing with a ball or belly rubs. Sit beside your dog, shoulder to shoulder, and rest your hand on top of their back. Reward them as you do this several times. Then move your arm around your dog a little bit more, and give them some treats. A little bit more, and give them some treats. And so you gradually and slowly get them associated that your arm over their shoulders is related to something good. If you want them to associate this with other people doing it, you need to have other people doing it, but I would caution people from just jumping into that unless they know their dog very, very well and can tell if their dog isn’t about to object in some kind of way that can cause someone harm. It’s best to start when the dog is a small puppy to do this desensitization work."

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After breakfast we had a lecture on praise and corrections and dog fears – the instructors were doing their best to distract us while our new pups were being bathed and prepped for their new life. Then Hugger was brought to me in our room. Meet Louboutina, a dog that is blowing up on social media for her warm and friendly hugs all around New York City. In her pictures she is posing with her paws wrapped around strangers, giving them a nice embrace.By dinner, the dogs were amazingly quiet. Maybe partly because they got their energy out during our first walks … After lunch, we put on harnesses and had our first outing. Hugger and I were last to get out in our group, and we were both getting anxious as we waited. But the trip went perfectly! We even passed a couple dogs on a leash without much distraction. It was amazing to fly down the street again. One of the new instructors tailing us commented that she wished she had a golf cart to help keep up. (I know my husband is remembering the days of jogging to stay with me and Whit, hi Steve, better start getting ready to jog again) The hugging bandit was first spotted when Louisiana mom Hollie Mallet was looking at footage from the surveillance camera in her family's garage. She saw a young boy sprint from his bike into their home for a drive-by hugging of their dog, Dutchess.