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The first thing to look at is the owner’s responsibility. The dog will not housebreak himself. Make sure your dog is properly exercised. The more your dog is outside, the better the chance he will eliminate outside. The more energy he uses exercising by playing and running, the less chance he will have to ruin your house. Feed your dog a high nutrition dog food. We recommend a premium dog food (puppy food). Dry dog food has more nutrition pound for pound than semi-moist brands, or canned dog foods. The better the nutrition is in his diet, the less he will have to eliminate. Never over-feed your dog. Set up a routine since your dog is a creature of habit. Try to withhold food and water when you know your dog will be alone for any length of time. Feed and exercise him at the same time each day. Discipline yourself to follow a daily routine and this will make it easier on both of you.

Follow my step-by-step housebreaking advice and you will have a housebroken dog.

Determine if there is indeed a problem. Orion is allowed on the couch. I’m allowed to have coffee. Perfect storm of clumsy dog vs. clumsy owner? Possibly. Odds of the same situation happening again? Minimal. But that’s not always the case. Housebreaking issues? Yeah, you know that’s gonna happen again.

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▶ Certain breeds of dogs lend themselves more to problematic housebreaking issues. Some dogs are harder to housebreak than others are. Dogs that come from situations where they were unable to escape their own waste, such as puppy mills, may have lost the natural inclination to stay clean. They just go wherever they are because that's what they were forced to do. You can still housebreak puppy mill dogs using all the same techniques we have discussed, but it will take longer. Some of these dogs may never be completely reliable left unattended in the house, but with careful training, you can minimize accidents.

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You may need to get up out of bed and take your puppyoutside multiple times during the night. Don’t push him to hold his bladderpast his age or ability. If he does have accidents overnight, it’s a clearsignal that you will have to take him out more often. Although dogs want to keep theirpersonal area clean, the more he gets used to having messes there, the morecomfortable he’ll become with it — and that will make your housebreaking jobthat much harder.

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