With winter approaching I have a need for a dog house heater.

Precision Outback Country Lodge Dog House with Heater $156.99 Love Ramon but, when we get our new house i think he might have to be an outside dog...tired of having to put him in the bathroom at night and clean up where he went potty on the floor in the morning :/

free with every dog house heater purchase. Fitting clean filters is quick & easy.

Bought 3 dog den 2's with hound heaters. Assembly of each took approximately 1-1/2 hours and was straightforward with good directions. Need to buy a 6'treated 2 x 4 for the base. Only issue was a missing latch catch on the cover of one house which customer service promptly sent me along with a rivet tool for installation. Door installation can be a little tricky to get it to swing freely but not a big issue. Only reason for 4 stars was one of my hound heaters has been problematic and had to get replacement parts from the manufacturer. Had to take the hound heater apart to replace a thermostat which would be a problem for someone not mechanically inclined. Really an issue with hound heater not K9 Kondo. Love to give my fellow Nebraskan's in the Sandhills a great plug for a great product. Oh, and the dogs love it too. These replaced my original K9 Kondos which served me well for 15 years.

Precision Outback Country Lodge Dog House with Heater - PPP208

If the doghouse with fitted heater is to have an exposed grain pattern, it may help in aligning For the warmest, driest doghouse around, consider the Dog Den 2 with a wall-mounted Hound Heater Pet House Furnace. If you would like to purchase this product without the heater, please visit our product page. Our customers and their dogs love our dog dens and kennel doors

Heavy-Duty Heated Doghouse | Dog Den 2 With Hound Heater Furnace

5. Shrink the doghouse to help dogs use their own body heat to stay warm. Though a large enclosure may seem luxurious, a dog can keep himself warmer in an enclosed dog house (with a flap or other covering on the door) a little taller than the dog with just enough room to turn around.

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The second generation Hound Heater is a little more sophisticated dog house heater. Unlike the original Hound Heater, this one comes with a built-in thermostat. You can set it and when it gets down to a certain temperature, it will turn itself on. When it heats up to that temperature, it will cut itself off. On the older Hound Heaters, you had to buy another product to get this feature.Add extra warmth and comfort to your dog's ASL Solutions Dog Palace this winter with our floor heater. The heater is specifically designed to fit so the electrical cord exits the rear of the house and keeps the dog from tripping over the cord. Recommended use when sustained outdoor temperatures are below 20° F. Built in thermostat and electrical fuse provide a safe low temperature. UL/ROHS electrical components. Provides comfortable warmth for pets outdoors. Can also be used for kennels, shelters, garages, and other outdoor environments.