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Paris Hilton teamed up with interior designer Faye Resnick to create this dog house for her dogs. This two-story 325,000 dollar dog mansion is complete with air conditioning, heat, designer furniture, and chandeliers.

Two story dog house with plants, and dog sitting next to entrance.

Selling this hand-made two-story dog house. Great condition. Message me for details. Two (small) dogs? No problem. Your furry pals will enjoy the spacious interior of this two-story dog house from HappyPawsDogHomes. Larger sizes for larger dogs are available. A dog house with a balcony is a beautiful thing.

Two story dog house with custom tiki torch in the works

A dogtrot house historically consisted of two connected by a or "dogtrot", all under a common roof. Typically one cabin was used for cooking and dining while the other was used as a private living space, such as a bedroom. The primary characteristics of a dogtrot house is that it is typically one story (although -story and more rare two-story examples survive), has at least two rooms averaging between 18 to 20 feet (5.5 to 6.1 m) wide that each flank an open-ended central hall. Additional rooms usually take the form of a semidetached or shed flanking the hall, most commonly at the rear. Enclosed shed rooms are also sometimes found at the front, although a shed-roof front porch is the most common form.

so cool!Dog House custom two story by carlosoliva on Etsy, $500.00

An environmentally friendly two story dog house for my border collie Pepe. Both cheap and easy to build yourself and made mostly of recycled materials. Designed as an undercover kennel but is easily adaptable for all weather use.

The hut is constructed by arranging two pallets over each other with a basic frame between them. Ramp size and overall measurements can be adapted according to the pallets you can source, the space you have for storing it and the size of your dog. I should have gone a bit lower in height. Must make sure the ramp is solid and a comfortable size for your dog. Otherwise you risk them wanting to jump off all the time and increasing risk of injury or long term problems. Don't be afraid to adapt this style a little too. You'll be surprised if you take the time to understand what great ideas you can have.

Like most of my projects, I always strive to find the cheapest option for building. This project cost me very close to nothing as I was able to source most of the materials for free and most others I had handy. Pallets are often being thrown out if you drive around industrial areas but always make sure they're someone's rubbish before you take them. Ask first.

Measurements as a guide only:
Top Pallet - 93 x 68 cm
Bottom Pallet - 120 x 80 cm
Frame Height - 68 cm (recommend 58cm for border collie or similar)

Thanks for watching. Good luck. And don't forget to press Like if you Liked It! Questions and comments also welcome.The in has two dogtrot cabins. The Woodland House, the most important structure at the museum, was constructed in 1847 by when he was serving as one of first United States senators. and has siding over log construction. The Bear Bend Cabin, a four-room, story-and-a-half log cabin, was built by as a hunting lodge in the 1850s.