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Discourage your German shepherd pup's instinct to chase animals or objects so he'll be less prone to pursue your kitty around the house. German shepherds have strong prey and herding drives, which means they see animals like kitties as something to either hunt or herd. While on a leash, tell your shepherd "no" if he tries to chase any living thing, and immediately stop any fun play with him. Encourage him to fetch and return doggie toys instead to satisfy this instinct.

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Here is a guide on which product to choose. Below are given 4 models of dog houses that are suitable mostly for German shepherd. Reading the short description of each item you can decide which type will suit the most to your dog.

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This is also another outdoor dog house that serves as one of the Best Dog House For German Shepherds. This is one of the Best Dog House For German Shepherd. Indeed, it is can be used for both outdoors and indoor conditions. This really make it perfect for your German Shepherd to reside in.

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First of all, the inner dimensions of this awesome best dog house for German Shepherd is at 41.3″ x 25.8″ x 30″. This really allows your German Shepherd to have a good and comfortable place to rest in. As for the materials, this outdoor dog house for German Shepherd is made from kiln dried ceder. It is deliberately treated with natural color stain. This sleek design, coupled with the material really ensures that the entire dog house is practically resistant to all elements.

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This is a slowly maturing breed with a long puppyhood, so the new owner must be prepared to provide kind but firm discipline and a secure environment to help the dog develop into a well- behaved adult. German Shepherds are active dogs. They love to run and explore their surroundings with their excellent noses. They require considerable exercise, especially while growing. This exercise can be provided by an active owner, another dog or two, or a fenced yard or dog run. Tying this dog to a house is unacceptable, as it will create frustration, boredom, and a potentially dangerous dog.A typical German shepherd weighs about 75 pounds and is 27 inches at the shoulder. A doghouse should be large enough for the dog to enter and turn around. It should be able to lay down comfortably and be far enough back from the door in order to be protected from the elements. The doghouse can be built to sit directly on the ground, or it can be placed on a cement pad or up on bricks. All measurements are based on the measurements of the dog.