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House-training, sometimes referred to as "potty-training," a Chihuahua is no less challenging than house-training any other breed of dog. Even though he's small, you don't want your Chihuahua relieving himself indoors. Implementing a few breed-specific training tips will help the potty-training process go smoothly for everyone involved.

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When purchasing a house, you plan where your living room, kitchen, toilet, kids room, and so on is going to be. But what about a room for your dog? Well, this auntie used the space under the stairs and transformed it to one darn cute – and elegant – room for her Chihuahua pet named Pancho. ‘When my aunt was building her new house after retiring from 30 years of teaching, my other two aunts basically forced her to decorate a room for a dog,’ Will Rigdon told Bored Panda.

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Spring into the savings. These sales have gotten sweeter. Get our Spring deal on chihuahua dog house flag at its new low price. Get it before it's gone! Crate your dog overnight and whenever you are not able to supervise him. Chihuahuas are very particular about where they potty and will not go in their beds. If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, confine the dog in a bathroom or laundry room and place a few puppy housebreaking pads on the floor to contain accidents.

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Chihuahua's are very delicate creatures and do not mix well with young children who may hurt them accidentally. Other large animals in the house probably aren't conducive to a Chihuahua's lifestyle either because Chihuahua's tend to be aggressive towards them, mainly because of the loyalty they have towards their owners. They really are a one person dog, so if you are a single person that only works standard hours, this very well might be the pet dog for you. They enjoy cuddling on laps for long periods of time, and they love to "kiss" people they know frequently.

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I have Chihuahua dogs and I am very interested in getting more information on your pop up all material indoor doghouses. Could someone please email me with information on dimensions, various styles as well pricing for the same and estimated shipping and delivery charges and expected delivery timeline for shipments from wherever you are to zip code 32828.Once you actually bring your new dog into the house, make sure that there’s plenty of everything – water, toys, and comfy beds – in different spots to reduce the chance that there’s going to be a fight with your Chihuahua over something. If your Chi is particularly possessive of certain toys or treats, then remove them for at least the first few weeks, and give treats or chew toys separately, in different rooms or crates. It’s also a good idea to feed your new dog in a different place at first, too, so your Chihuahua won’t worry about a new dog stealing their food.Many pet owners have to leave their Chihuahuas during the day. One way to ease the tension your dog feels when you go out is to avoid making a scene. Many pet owners pick up, hug their dog and act out an emotional scene before going out. This is a signal to the animal that they are about to be left alone. The pet may respond in kind by barking, whining and acting out. To avoid this, do not say goodbye to your pet or act out when leaving. Just leave. By not creating a scene, you help your pet to avoid becoming upset or feeling abondoned. Another way to help smaller Chihuahuas deal with busy or absent owners is to keep them confined in a small room with a baby gate as a barrier when you go out. The room should contain food, water, a bed, toys and puppy pads or newspaper for them to relieve themselves on. Keep the bed, food and water a good distance from where they should relieve themselves as the dog(s) will come to consider this their "den" and most animals do not like to soil their den. They will soon come to learn that they can relieve themselves on one side of the room while still having the comfort on the other side. Keeping your little Chihuahua confined in this way while you are out or busy will protect them from household hazards like chewing electric cords or getting stuck behind appliances and so forth. It will also help you avoid the usual house soiling accidents that can happen when dogs are left alone for a period of time.The dog is the main pet animal that users can see the most number of houses in the world. The dog can be a great companion as well as a guard for people and their home. The chihuahua is small breed dog and it comes in various sizes, colours, head shapes and even coat lengths. It is a cute dog so everyone loves to own it. The food is a key energy source for people as well as pet animals. The people must provide quality and nutrient foods to chihuahuas otherwise those small breeds can’t live healthily. The chihuahua dog food should contain a lot of nutrition and health benefits. Nowadays mostly are available in grocery stores and pet stores but users should provide healthy foods to a chihuahua. The chihuahua dog owners should not provide any wrong foods to them.