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Other parts used to install traditional dog fences include tie wire (for top support), zip-lock ties (for attaching fencing to metal posts), U-nails (for attaching fencing to wood posts), ground stakes (for staking down the fencing and also for staking down digging barriers), and braces for protecting tall dog fences against snow loads and falling branches.

This stake can hold dogs under 50 pounds. Simply twist into the ground and attach a tie.

Instead of jamming a stake into the ground, tying your dog to it, and having him eventually wrap himself around the stake hundreds of times so that he only has 2 feet of tether left, why not use something that swivels. The SUREswivel is a device that you can anchor into the ground and attach your dog's leash to it, and have it swivel around instead of having the leash wrap around it and get tangled up. A perfect alternative to tying your dog to the tree, this tangle-free swiveling dog anchor is a healthier alternative that gives your dog the full length of the leash at all the times to give them more room to play and run around.

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chic Dog Tie Out with Ground Stake Corkscrew Dog Leash Freedom Pet Supply FGR-SD Choose Your Length The Howard Pet Products Patented Small retractable cable tie out stake is for Dogs up to 30 lbs. You can neatly stow the cable until it is time to let your dog out. It mounts in ground and rotates 360 degrees for maximum play area for your dog. The coated braided cable extends 15ft. and covers a radius over 700 Sq. Ft. Great for camping, home or travel. A reflective band on the reel helps you see the tie out at night.

You & Me Well Grounded Spiral Stake

You & Me Blue Small Free to Flex Dog Tie-Out Cable The You & Me Free To Flex Dog Tie-Out Cables are made of strong, vinyl-coated steel. They are easy to clean, carry, and store with no links that can tangle or injure your pet. They are rust and corrosion-resistant making them a great choice for restricting your dog's outdoor mobility while granting room to roam, romp and investigate. Suitable for use with a You & Me dome or spiral stake (sold separately), trolley, or other strong ground stake.

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Today we're looking at the TBI Pro Style dog stake. These are heavy duty stakes. They are super long. They are set up for one dog. And it's a spinner on it, so you can stake out your one dog and keep him there. I don't use them that way. I prefer to use what's called a chain gang. I use these as the stakes for my chains. They go into the ground really deep. You can angle them in. they'll fit on a ring or you can attach to the clip. Heavy duty. They are going to last for years. We've been using them for a long time. It's just a really nice stake.This cable tie out has a steel stake that mounts into the ground. It retracts and rotates 360 degrees allowing the pet freedom to roam with less chance of tangles. When not in use the cable stows neatly inside the housing. Tie out pulls out and large dogs have 15 feet of cable length or 706 sq. ft of area to roam. Cable has steel snap to attach to collar. Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.