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Without regular grooming, a dog's hair can start matting, which in turn traps dirt and moisture that can lead to skin infections. That's why brushes and combs are essential tools to proper grooming. Different breeds have different needs, but we'll go over some common kinds you might want on hand.

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While the best way to curb unwanted hair from congregating around your home is to maintain a steady grooming routine – along with a healthy diet and daily exercise – some pets tend to shed more frequently than others, and that’s where the specialized blades and bristles of dog grooming tools and brushes come in handy the most. The finely pointed teeth of these dog shedding brushes and combs are designed to gently remove dust, debris, and any wayward hairs; trapping them between their bristles, and your pup is left with a full coat of beautiful hair.

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Cat Dog Grooming Combs Dog Hair Brush Self Cleaning Slicker Brush hot sale 2017 One of the best grooming combs you’ll find is the Buttercomb by Chris Christensen. This comb will glide through your dog’s coat like a hot knife through butter.

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A Well-groomed Dog Is A Happy, Healthy Dog - Your best friend deserves the best! The iGroom Dog Grooming Comb is specifically designed for dogs and pets of all sizes and their many unique coats. It removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt while stimulating your dog's skin and hair follicles. The comb's irritation-preventing, rounded teeth glide smoothly through your dog's coat giving it a gentle massage.

Unleash your dog's beauty - This special double sided comb lifts your dog's coat evenly for easier and more precise grooming. The wider teeth are very effective for removing tangles and narrower teeth are ideal for finishing.

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Some groomers prefer using wide-toothed combs first and then changing to progressively narrower or finer-toothed ones. This strategy is good whenever your dog has really snarly hair. However, if you’re simply maintaining your dog’s coat, you can use a fine- or medium-toothed comb and then a slicker brush.Well, that was only the start. Dog grooming combs come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can buy combs with ergonomically appropriate handles. There are handles made of wood, metal, or silicone gel that conforms to your hand. Then there are combs with no handles at all. Our Safari® Dog Grooming Combs are available in medium/coarse or medium/fine coat versions to help remove mats, tangles and loose hair from all coats. The wide and narrow spacing of teeth on the medium/course coat dog grooming comb provides complete grooming and the teeth are extra-long to penetrate to the root of the hair. The medium/fine coat dog grooming comb makes an excellent finishing comb. The smooth rounded teeth prevent coat damage and are gentle to the dog's skin. The Safari® Medium Dog Grooming Comb with rotating pins features long, rotating teeth that penetrate deep into the undercoat without pulling. Smooth rounded teeth gently massage the skin.Today, with hundreds of different dog grooming brushes and combs available on the market, it is easy to get lost and end up buying the wrong things. Some dogs owner just have a habit of buying any dog brush or comb without knowing exactly what is the function of the brush or comb.