Groomers BBS: Which bathing system to get and why?

Some tubs marry quality and efficiency. For example, Forever Stainless Steel’s tubs, made of type 304, 14-gauge stainless steel, are fully welded, so there are no worries about tub maintenance. The company’s motto, “Buy it Once—It Lasts Forever,” says a lot. The tubs are well designed, often in response to groomers’ input. They offer features such as step-in tubs with doors, a step for large dogs, and a handy and easy-to-use telescoping ramp that disappears under the tub when not in use. Some tubs are wider for bigger dogs. One of the best and most efficient features is a built-in well for recirculating pump bathing systems.

Hanvey Bathing Beauty Cleaning and Safety features, Dog washing and bathing system for Groomers

If water use, shampoo use, time needed to bathe and time to prep the tub are all reduced, costs are reduced as well. Using a tub that requires less water makes it easier to get that perfect prep done quickly. Many of Forever Stainless Steel’s tubs have an optional bathing-pump recess—a small well where a recirculating pump system can be housed. Since it is lower than the tub floor, it can be filled using less water than is necessary with an ordinary tub. “Everyone wants more efficiency,” says Caples. “Even housecall groomers often take recirculator systems with them. But in a fixed location, the recess adds tremendous efficiency—saving time, money and water, and reducing stress on dogs.”

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Bathing Systems for self serve dog washes, groomers, kennels, and people with pets. Hanvey Bathing Beauty Cleaning and Safety features, Dog washing and bathing system for Groomers. This bather / pet washing system is designed to greatly reduce bathing times and reduce water usage for the professional dog groomer.

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The Bathing Beauty Dog Washing System is an amazing grooming product that will not only cut dog bathing time in half and save on hot water consumption, but will also get pet coats cleaner than 10 fingers can! Working similar to a dishwasher, the Bathing Beauty system first uses high pressure and high volume soapy water to flush the hair of all the dead hair and dirt, then secondly flushes all the grime down the drain with a "rinse cycle". An added bonus that a dishwasher doesn't have though? Hydro-massage! Dogs love the almost therapeutic hydro-massage and will be more relaxed for their entire visit; in turn lessening groomer stress too!

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The Hydrobath was founded in Australia in approximately 1991. Since then 100’s of 1000’s of dogs each week across the World are washed and groomed this way. It has proven to be the simplest and best way to have your Pooch washed and at the same time it has the added benefit of using less water than any other bathing system. In fact The Pooch Mobile is currently saving in excess of 1 million Gallons of water per month based on the number of dogs being washed compared to home bathing or similar.The manufacturer writes: “The system includes a dog grooming sprayer and adapter that connects to any standard home shower or outdoor faucet, allowing the versatility of indoor/outdoor use. The sprayer functions in just one hand and features 3 settings: low, high, and bathe. Hidden inside the handle are integrated shampoo cartridges which automatically draws and distributes highly concentrated shampoo while you bath your pet. The result is easier, less messy baths for both you and your pet.” The cost of the RapidBath Pet Bathing System is $69.99 and can be purchased at or any PetSmart location.