Doggie Pupcakes with Yogurt-Peanut Butter Frosting

Cupcake-shaped dog popsicles made with chicken broth and a pureed tuna frosting. Simple to make and your dog is going to LOVE them!

Magifrost dog cake frosting dries whiter and quicker. Dairy-free, no lactose!

4. If you want to add piping and/or writing to your cake, you can add less water to the frosting mix to make the dog frosting stiffer for more control in a decorating bag. Just like human frosting... practice does make perfect. Just be sure to let the frosting dry before refrigerating because it will not dry if you immediately put it in the refrigerator.

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12 Paws Barkery decorated this gorgeous dog birthday cake with Fido's Frosting! No matter what you top it with, I’m sure your dog will love this homemade dog cake recipe. This recipe makes a single layer, but as you can see I doubled the recipe to make a layer cake. The frosting is optional, but I really never think of frosting as optional (it’s my favorite part of the cake!) so I recommend it. While you can absolutely share this cake with your dogs, it’s lacking sugar so it won’t be sweet – just so you know.

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Look to the plant kingdom for some inspiration. Your dog will never know that the frosting is packed with vitamins and minerals that will make his heart healthy and his immune system in fighting shape. Cooked sweet potatoes, white potatoes and cauliflower all make a great dog cake icing base. Cauliflower? Yes, cauliflower! Boil a bag of frozen cauliflower florets. Strain and allow the cauliflower to cool. Using a potato masher or food processor, mash or whip the cauliflower into a nice, fine white puree. Add some mashed potato flakes if it's too watery. Using mashed potatoes or cauliflower as a base opens a whole world of ideas. Use food coloring to make it more festive, and add sesame seeds or pulverized colored dog biscuits for a finishing touch.

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Yogurt frosting for dog treats or bakery items. I'm making a doggy cake in the shape of a bone for Lily's birthday party, and am hoping this icing will pair nicely!If you are a dog bakery our Treaty Treat all natural dog treat ingredients available in our online shop are sure to delight you and your customers. We offer dog treat icing, all natural food colorings, dog cake frosting, dog treat mixes, even dog safe fondant.We also carry dog cake frosting, dog safe fondant and all natural food colors. Not sure which dog cake frosting to use? Follow the same guidelines from our dog icing products and you will be on your way to decorating amazing cakes using our all natural dog cake frosting for dogs everywhere!Natural Dog Treat Recipe: Frosted Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato & Oats using peanut butter from the Peanut Butter & Co which has no added oils or sugars.