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Whether looking at the offline sales in the two largest cities or online sales, dry pet food rules in China, Tagore reported, at 81% and 83%, respectively, with wet food at 11% and 9% and at 8% in both channels. That means dog treats, because at least in the offline channel, GfK’s data shows no treat sales for cats. Among those dog treats sold in Beijing and Shanghai, chewables/meat-based (presumably jerky-type) treats dominate in terms of format, far outpacing other forms such as soft, rawhide and crunchy/crispy.

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India may soon follow the same pattern as China, he wrote. Although online pet food sales in India are tiny so far, internet commerce is becoming more popular and more middle-class Indians are owning dogs. Those two factors provide the potential for strong growth in internet pet food sales.

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Apr 24, 2017 - For example, Euromonitor estimated online dog and cat food sales in the US reached about US$1 billion in 2016 and other pet products increased from about 6 to 14 percent in 2016, depending on the , with sales of dog and cat food rising at least 15 percent in the US alone. This data, courtesy of Euromonitor International, highlights just how important the online channel is becoming to pet food sales, particularly as the uber-connected and “digital native” millennial and younger generations move up the ranks of pet ownership.

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As I wrote in my post , I’m always shocked at the number of pet stores bemoaning how they lose dog food sales to online retailers. They don’t seem to understand that their customers don’t want to lug home a 30-pound bag every couple weeks.

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Fifty-seven percent of online dollars for cats and dogs is spent on food and treats, according to Slice’s findings. The revenue generated by pet food and treat sales has grown 121 percent since the beginning of 2015.When customers purchase items at Walmart Canada’s website, they leave a trail of clues that provide valuable insights for analysts to piece together. The company uses these resulting findings to improve the online shopping experience. For example, analysis of online pet food buyers finds that young urban dwellers were more likely to purchase cat food online, while older rural residents are the top profile for online dog food sales. This information helps the retailer target dog and cat food promotions to those who are most likely to be interested in them.Pet owners, aka pet parents, are passionate about their pets and the exponential growth in online sales is testimony to this phenomenon. I believe there still is room for growth online, particularly in the categories of treats and pet accessories. Large package orders of dog food represent a logistical opportunity and threat to brick-and-mortar as well as online retailers. For the store-based retailers there is a real opportunity to capitalize on the love of pet owners for their pets. Inviting veterinarians, groomers, trainers, pet clubs, etc. to engage with your customers either in-store or in the adjacent parking lot could represent a point of difference vis-a-vis other brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online competitors. Don’t forget to post the photos of your customers’ pets. The low average monthly expenditure in China is likely because has not yet reached a significant level there. GfK has started tracking sales of pet food labeled “natural” in China, and while those sales are small—only 6% for cat food and 19% for dog food—they’re rising rapidly, at nearly 200% and 75%, respectively. Not surprisingly, given its popularity in so many other markets, is even starting to show up in China. Sales account for only 1% of the market but are growing at 379% a year.