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The senior dog food maybe different from the food younger dogs get, as senior dogs are very likely to be affected by a health condition. Glucosamine supplements arerecommended for older dogs that have joint problems. The supplements may be included in numerous senior dog diets.

Jan 28, 2016 - There are several prescription foods for dogs with arthritis and joint/mobility problems

It has become very common today for commercial dog foods to among their ingredients. These two supplements are, by far, the most popular supplements given to dogs (and humans) with arthritis and joint problems. Glucosamine is the major sugar found in glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronate – important building blocks in the synthesis and maintenance of cartilage in joints. Chondroitin enhances the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and inhibits damaging enzymes in joints. have been used in Europe for at least 20 years and they are very safe for your dog.

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Even a few extra pounds, especially on a dog prone to joint problems, can be painful. BLUE Life Protection Formula® Large Breed Adult Dog Food. Simply Nourish™ Large Breed Adult Dog Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice. NUTRO® ULTRA™ Large Breed Adult Dog Food. No matter what breed or kind of dog you have, try to identify what his ideal weight should be and help him achieve that weight. With an estimated half of the dogs in the U.S. overweight or obese, there’s a good chance that your dog might be overweight. If he is overweight, it’s probably worsening any joint or bone problems. You can talk to your veterinarian, look at a body condition chart, check breed standards for your breed, or . You can usually keep your dog fit by feeding a good quality dog food and making sure that he is getting adequate exercise.

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One of the best things you can do for any dog with arthritis or other kinds of joint disease is watch his weight. No matter what size your dog is, carrying extra weight on his skeletal frame puts added stress on his bones and joints. This added stress on bones and joints can worsen any pre-existing problems, cause cartilage to deteriorate and lead to bone rubbing against bone. In short, it can increase the chances of pain and inflammation for your dog from arthritis and other joint problems. . However, . If you have a large or giant breed you need to be particularly careful about watching your dog’s weight, along with making sure that he doesn’t grow too rapidly as a puppy. This is why there are special dog foods made for large/giant breed dogs and puppies. They have special calorie needs and it’s particularly important that these puppies don’t grow too fast.

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