The first ingredient in your dog's food should be a specified meat

Pit bull puppies need dog food specially designed for puppies. Pit bull puppies require more amounts of fats and protein in their diets compared to adult pit bull dogs. Puppies should be fed a cup of dry dog food three times a day. Puppies are very active, grow fast and need lots of protein to keep up their strength. Canned or moist dog food can be combined with dry food for a variety.

Once the ideal weight is reached, the amount of food your dog is eating will likely need to be increased.

Slowly transition your pet to a NUTRO™ recipe so that they can easily adjust to the change. We suggest blending increasing amounts of the new NUTRO™ recipe with your old dog food for six or more days, depending on your pet's sensitivity to change.

Feeding A Puppy - A Complete Guide - Dogtime

Don’t forget, with lower calorie foods you will have to feed more to achieve the amount of calories needed per day by your dog. Puppies will be able to eat more than adults, and still be a proper weight. Dogs getting a tremendous amount of exercise can eat more than the dog who sits on the sofa all day. A dog will need more food when the weather is good and he can get out to play, than he will when it’s the rainy season and he has to stay indoors. An adult, neutered dog needs less food than a growing un-neutered dog.

Feeding Your Chihuahua | Amounts, Timing, Best Food

It’s impossible to tell you exactly how much your individual dog should eat without seeing him. There are a lot of variables in picking an amount, and the amount will be different for different dogs of the same age, and for your own dog at various stages in his life. I’m always amazed when people pick a certain amount of food and stick with it no matter what. Don’t do that!

How much to feed, when and proper feeding schedule

For a couple of reasons - Hormones play a big role in your dog backing off their food - coming into season, the false pregnancy, teething around 5-7 months of age, and inactivity all have a hand in them backing off eating. Food consumption can be directly related to the amount of free exercise your dog gets on a daily basis. I have 2 Great Danes at home right now, 3 and 4 yrs of age - intact male and spayed female. Normally, the female at 125# eats 5 cups total a day divided AM and PM. The male is 165# and in good weight on 6 - 7 cups a day. The great Dane is a giant dog breed and is one of the largest breeds, being second only to the Irish wolfhound. The diet of the great Dane should be well-balanced and you should opt for quality foods for this fast growing breed. Pay special attention to the feeding schedule and food amounts during the first six months of the puppy's life.