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I gave my dog dry beneful he started to vomit a few minutes after eating this crap food. The next day he started wobbling and could barely walk. Then he started having seizures, it was so heartbreaking, and sad to watch. I immediately took him to the vet. Which cost me 300 dollars, the vet said if i hadn’t took him earlier he couldve died. They put him on I.V and kept him overnight. Thank god he survived this, my advice. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS CRAP. I have contacted purina and all they can say is “we stand by our food”. I am so angry right now I’m on here to just let everyone know about this. Thanks for reading

Purina Beneful Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2 stars.

I also have (had) Pit rescues. I had two but was forced to put down one last year due to kidney failure after eating Beneful for less than two years. My little Boo who isn’t even two years old yet and has only been eating Beneful for less than a year has developed crystals in her urine. I have taken her off of Beneful at the advice of my vet. She is now eating Costco’s Kirkland Lamb and Rice. Great price and great nutrition. My dogs both loved the Beneful but Boo is eating the Costco food with gusto. She did turn her nose up for one day. I let her go without dinner and by the next day she was happy to eat it.

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If your pet eats Beneful dog food, Dr. Carpenter advises to stick with it, if your pet is healthy. I really want Dog Food Advisor to speak to the 5 star review Purina Beneful Originals received from “clean label project” – which gave my choice in food – Earthborn Coastal Catch one of their lowest ratings !! Is this “label review” from them real and based on true research ??

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More than a year ago, on the advice of my holistic vet, I switched my little cancer-survivor to Sojo’s raw dehydrated diet. Other than dried sweet potato slices, the only treats I give my boys are made by either Sojo’s or Fromm’s. I wouldn’t feed my dogs Beneful if it was the last dog food on the planet!

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