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Keep your family member pest-free with the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs. This pest-protection system uses an innovative design unique among flea collars for dogs. It delivers a safe, controlled dose of active ingredients that can eliminate unwanted fleas and ticks as well as prevent future infestations for up to 8 months. It is designed as a breakaway flea and tick collar for dogs with 3 visibility reflectors for added safety. Parasites like fleas and ticks can carry and transmit diseases to pets. They can reproduce rapidly and cause long-term injury and secondary infections if not treated and prevented quickly. That is where Seresto flea collars for dogs can help. The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs releases a sustained, low dose of pest-eradicating ingredients that can protect your pet. The unique design helps to eliminate unwanted harmful flea and tick infestations within days and then maintain that protection for up to 8 months with normal use. Flea collars for dogs that prevent pests reduce the likelihood that your pet will become infected with a pest-carried disease. The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs is designed with a number of features to keep your pet safe as well as prevent pests. As a breakaway flea and tick collar for dogs, it will release if it gets caught on something and inadvertently traps your dog. A breakaway flea and tick collar for dogs is a great safety precaution if you are not always there to supervise your dog and help with unexpected snags. Also, this Seresto collar comes with 3 visibility reflectors for added safety. Shop for the Seresto collar that provides the best fit for your dog.

Spectra Shield® Collar Attached Medallion offers 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs.

With Wondercide, there is no need to use chemical pesticides to kill fleas & ticks! Pets + Home kills adult fleas & ticks, and the eggs will never hatch after exposure. For best results, use Pets + Home on your pet as a treatment to kill adult pests and eggs as needed, and apply as a preventative when you're going to untreated areas (like on a walk or to the dog park) the same way you apply bug spray to yourself when you know you're going to be exposed to mosquitoes.

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WebMD veterinary experts answer commonly asked questions about fleas and ticks on your dog. Great article — I use similar hacks and have found them all useful. Especially the DE — I buy diatomaceous earth in bulk! The Easy Defense Tag by Only Natural Pet sounds similar to Shoo!Tag for dogs. You have to buy a separate tag for each type of pest. For my dog, I get one for fleas and one for ticks. For myself, I get one for mosquitos and one for gnats. The science sounded iffy to me at first, but I can tell you they really work and are well worth the price.

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The onset of signs that your dog has been poisoned by a topical, dip, oral, spray, or collar flea and tick medicine can range from a few hours to a few days. When you use a substance containing an ectoparasiticide on your canine family member, always record the amount, day, and time of use. A reaction can occur at any time, even if your pet has had the product used on him before.

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