Underground Electric Pet Fence and Shock Collar System.

The collar portion of a fence system works by warning your dog that he or she is approaching a boundary that should not be crossed. With most modern collars, an audio tone is your pet’s first warning. If your pet continues to approach the restricted boundary, this is followed by a mild electric shock, sometimes referred to as static correction.

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In our experience, shock collar systems, where a dog hears a beep followed by an electrical shock at their neck if they continue across the boundary line of your property, create a false sense of security for dog owners and often cause a dog to become fearful and anxious, especially towards other people. The false sense of security comes from the fact, as many have observed, the non-visible fence does not always keep the dog within their property. A dog can see, hear and smell beyond the invisible line buried under the ground and may be attracted to something on the other side of the line causing them to blast through the “fence,” resulting in their getting a shock. If the dog wants to return to its yard it must now suffer a shock to do so. If there is not something very attractive in the yard there is little incentive to come back home.

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Underground invisible dog FENCE system with electric shock collar / 4 DOG For people with yards that are difficult to fence — such as a yard that is bordered by a stream, full of rocks, or on uneven land – a wireless electrical invisible fence is an option that many dog owners consider. So how do these systems work? A wire is installed underground for the entire enclosure. This wire has a radio signal and the dog wears a shock collar. If the dog gets too close to the wire or attempts to cross the boundary, the dog receives a shock. This “shock treatment” trains the animal to stay within its appointed area.

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Other electronic containment collars trigger at different distances depending upon which was your dog is facing. This is sometimes confusing to the dog and may require additional training. Our "Smart Position Sensing" radio technology maintains a consistent field width regardless of your pet's orientation to the boundary wire. This is less confusing to your dog. Your pet will quickly learn exactly where the invisible boundary is. This results in easier training and more reliable dog containment.

All other electronic dog fence collars use an internal tone speaker with no opening for the sound to get out. This is to avoid damage to speaker if it gets wet. Unfortunately this results in training tones that are barely audible to your dog. HUMANE CONTAIN™ collars use a hardier, water resistant speaker which produces crisp, clear tones that are more effective in reinforcing the shock stimulus. Our advanced microprocessor circuitry automatically increases the pulse rate of the tones as your dog approaches the boundary resulting in faster training and better reinforcement to more reliability contain your dog.

Traditionally radio dog fence collars have been bulky boxes hanging off a collar. Most still fit this description. One or two manufacturers now make smaller collars but at the expense of important features. Weak stimulus intensity and limited range being most common. Our new RC-8 and RX-10 collars are the smallest, lightest, most comfortable radio dog collars made with all the advanced features and performance, excellent stimulus intensity and range, resulting in superior dog containment.

HUMANE CONTAIN™ comes with our custom designed field wire with a ultra-thick, ultra-strong insulation that resists ultraviolet sunlight, moisture and ground-rot. This is not just "burial grade" wire. It's engineered electronic dog fence ULTRA-WIRE™

In addition to all this, you will find many other unique and useful features depending upon the model you choose. Rest assured, if you purchase a Humane Contain™ Electronic Fence you are guaranteed to experience Quicker Training, Easier Installation and Set-up, More Reliable Operation with less problems down the road and most importantly, you are giving your dog the MOST HUMANE SYSTEM MADE, providing safe, secure containment that you can depend on. That's why we call it HUMANE CONTAIN™!

PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System), is an exclusive feature of High Tech Pet and includes:
Ultrasonic Line: Designed around our MS-4 and MS-5 Ultrasonic Collars, which power ALL Power Pet Doors, Sound Barrier Indoor Containment, and Yard Barrier Outdoor Containment.
Radio Line: Designed around the RC-8 Radio Collar, which powers ALL Outdoor Underground Fence Systems, and Radio Mat Indoor Scat Mat.
Universal Line: Designed around the RX-10 Universal Collar, which Powers ALL of the above Ultrasonic and Radio products.

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