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i don’t see anything wrong with dying dogs. they love the attention and it just makes them have a little something extra. they have pet hair dyes at many pet stores that are perfectly safe for dogs and even made for them! its so cute.

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Don't allow your dog to lick areas of dyed hair while the dye is still wet. You might have to put an Elizabethan collar on your pet until the dye dries. Don't let the dye come into contact with your dog's nose, eyes or mouth. If your dog does get dye in his eyes or other orifices, flush the area thoroughly with clean water. If his eyes or mouth appear irritated after substantial flushing, take him to the veterinarian. Even mild dyes can cause reactions in susceptible animals. If your dog experiences an allergic reaction or starts itching, stop the dye job and take him to the vet. If your dog has experienced skin reactions or his skin is sensitive, don't dye his hair.

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green dyed dogs | Dog owner dyes her beloved pet purple and blue - because 'he's only ... Get educated about dogs dyes or don’t comment. I dyed my Pom pink. To the brainiac above, yes, if you are using a dye with formaldehyde then your dog should be taken away. Thankfully the dyes are formulated FOR DOGS, namely the brand top performance. They are completely natural. My dog likes to be rubbed so he loved it. He doesn’t know what color he is. We both had a great time. The only thing that was traumatized was my tub and I was able to scub it clean.

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Its probably a bit late to post but there is one up from last year. I work at a dog grooming salon and there are dyes that are made specifically for dogs and we get a few customers in. I don’t mind people dying there dogs because it is something to do for fun just like agility, fly ball, dogs dancing and even grooming etc and there is even a competition called creative grooming which is based on dogs being dyed and groomed to look like different characters. The dye does grow out and you can just get the dog groomed until its back to normal so its not a permanent look. I have a bull Arab cross mastiff and I have dyed blue, red, green, orange but i certainly don’t dye him for a fashion accessory but for fun and practise for work and I certainly am not goin to give my dog away just for having a bit of fun and doing something different nor do I agree that people are suggesting that they give away there dogs for trying something different and having fun because it is not mistreatment to dye or have fun with it, I don’t believe some one should give away a dog just for having it groomed like a lion with out dye and the dogs are being loved i can tell you as the people are spending money on there dogs to be groomed which is more than I can say for some as there are alot of dogs that come into work really badly matted and covered in fleas And to Emma or what ever a Pomeranian isn’t a bad dog to have all breeds have there health problems and risks and they are probably having more so now than they did before because they aren’t being used for there purposes as much anymore and we pick, choose and change what traits we prefer in the dogs (probably more now based on cuteness rather than functional) but there are still really healthy dogs you just got to know what to look for in the dog when you buy it. i get alot of healthy Pomeranians come into work and any dog can be just as smart and intelligent as each other given the right training. Pomeranians probably would have been very useful back in the day like most dogs were.

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