I use both, but my dogs prefer the dremel.

I use a Dremel on both of mine. Maddie came pre-trained (the joys of a retired show dog; she’ll also stand in the shower— looking miserable, mind you—f or as long as you need her to for bathtime). I just flip her on her back between my legs and can do all four paws at once, if needed, though generally I do two at time to spare her patience.

Users frequently use ANY of the existing Dremel rotary tools to trim their dog’s nails.

The pantyhose people were onto something great, but the idea just needed a bit of refining. I stumbled across the answer wandering the dollar store one day: baby socks. Small enough to fit snugly against the paw and made from an elasticy material to hold them on, Baby socks are the perfect way to keep your dog’s fur out of the way while you Dremel their nails.

There are also youtube videos if you search for "dremel dog nails."

It was just a PSA that not all 'not for dog' dremels are safe for dog's nails. If you are working on a dog with a longer coat, there is a chance the dog's fur will get caught in the spinning Dremel head and be yanked out painfully. You can keep the dog's fur from getting in the way and getting caught in the Dremel by using an old pair of pantyhose over the paw. Then, you just push the nail through the hose to work on it. The hose will hold the fur back out of the way. Some folks say that the hose run too easily. They prefer using trouser socks or surgical hose. I have tried this technique on my parents' toy poodle, and I was pleased with it. Though, I agree that the more durable sock is probably better than the pantyhose. I will have to try that next.

How to Dremel a dog's nails - YouTube

You’ll get better value out of getting the Dremel 7300 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool, as you can still trim dog nails with it, but it also has the ability to accept other bits (so you can use the Dremel to do other things around the house), other than just sanding drums and bands used to groom dog nails (the Dremel 7300-PT can ONLY accept sanding bits).

Dog nail grooming with a Dremel - YouTube

When it comes to grooming a dog’s nails – some owners prefer standard dog nail clippers, some prefer a Dremel rotary tool, and some prefer both.My dog is a large breed with very large and tough nails. This was a most unpleasant task until I discovered a Dremel tool! I used the larger grade sanding wheel for my dogs nail size and thickness. For less noise, I used the slowest speed. It was so much faster and not nearly as painful for my pet. I also didn't need to worry about causing bleeding by cutting too close or pinching the nail with the standard clippers for dogs. I also could regulate how much nail to file down at a time - dependent on my pet's patience level and mine at the time!

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