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Bonton/Praga has a beautiful dog friendly outdoor cafe where you can enjoy both a modern twist on European cuisine and an amazing martini menu. Prissy and Portia enjoyed a bowl of ice water and chewy milk bones with our appetizer course. Thumbs up to Bonton/Praga for a great dining out with the dog experience.

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It’s official — restaurants in California can now allow dogs to accompany their people on patios and in other outside areas set aside for dining. Gov. Jerry Brown, whose own dog, a Welsh corgi named Sutter, can be seen frequently strolling with him and his wife and a host of other Sacramento players, announced Thursday that he had signed Assembly Bill 1965 into law. That he would do so, I never doubted.

dog dining regulations - City of St. Petersburg

“Wolves, foxes, coyotes, hyenas, dingoes, jackals and other undomesticated dogs.” The sky’s the limit: The actor can’t see a darn thing while stabbing at the food. In feeding the dog 5 bites of carrot and 2 bites of potato, in how many different orders could Mariele have eaten those? (Hint if needed: Think about what number bites the potatoes could be.)

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your life can join you for outdoor dining and cocktails during those dog days of summer. Earlier this spring it was announced by New York City’s Health Department that dogs can be their human’s dining companion on the patio of participating restaurants. Prior to this new regulation being passed, everyones’ precious pooches were forced to longingly look on from outside the patio railings as their humans feasted. It was a heartbreaking sight.

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The dog days of summer are here, starts nearly every story on pet-friendly dining. I don't mean to sound rough, but those writers are barking up the wrong tree, meteorologically speaking. I'm here to talk about where to eat with your dog, not about steaming like Chicago-style hot dogs.If you're OK with less ideal conditions, our list of more than 130 outdoor dining spots notes dozens of patios that allow dogs. Allowing dogs and being dog-friendly, however, are different things. The 10 patios below will truly welcome your little (or big) fur ball.Stop cringing; I'm done. On to the matter at hand: Where to eat when your dog is part of your party? In the following guide to pup-friendly patios, I focus on what I call "destination dog dining," that is, restaurants that are great for dogs and their humans. (Give the dog free bacon, but my burger is awful? Off the list.) I looked only at restaurants that serve food outside, not just drinks; and that offer table service or a walk-up window, so you don't have to leave your dog tied up unattended. I preferred off-street patios and yards, since sidewalks often pack seating so tight.As with humans dining at restaurants, there should be rules of decorum — dogs should be well-behaved, clean and refrain from talking loudly on their cellphones.