NO detangling shampoo or spray is going to magically remove matts!

* Gather your supplies: shampoo, brushes (you may want to use a shampooing brush), comb, washcloth and/or sponge, towels, cotton balls, mineral oil, petroleum jelly...and detangler and moisturizer if you use them. A soft brush is helpful in cleaning around paws. You can place the items in a plastic bucket for easy carrying and access...and open bottle caps beforehand so that you do not have to wrestle with caps while holding onto your dog. You may wish to put a few small tasty treats in a plastic baggie so that you can reward your dog for good, calm behavior.

Miracle Coat Detangling Dog Shampoo gives you dog the tools it needs to stay healthy.

I am thinking of adopting a Bichon Frise that has some mats in its coat. I need to know what is the best kind of shampoo and conditioner/detangler to use on her. The current owner has had the dog only 3 or 4 weeks, and used Dawn dish soap for her bath and no conditioner that I know of.

She isn't able to afford vet care or grooming either. I would like the dog, but am afraid the coat is too much to care for, unless there is possibly a budget friendly conditioner/detangler i could make at home. Also, is baby shampoo ph acceptable for dogs?

Pam from Martinsville, IN

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GNC Pets® Detangling Conditioner Dog Spray | Shampoo & Conditioner | PetSmart Yes. Greenspot® Remover is safe to use on dogs. Also, our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler & Shine will give your dog’s hair a wonderful look and feel.

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Groomers will either love me or hate me on this one

This dog shampoo is particularly formulated for the dogs that have dry skin. It moisturizes and conditions the skin and the hair so that your dog does not get itches. For the dogs that have thicker and longer coats, the shampoo has a detangler to ease brushing. The shampoo is a dye, soap, and chemical free.If your dog merely has long hair, but isn’t double coated, many of the same tips and tricks will still work. In fact, it’s the same philosophy, you just don’t have to worry about the undercoat. You’ll still want to find a shampoo, conditioner and a detangler to help manage the coat. Once you find the right products and start grooming them, it will only become easier and easier with repeated washings. And as an extra bonus – by grooming your dog, you will also cut down on shedding, so both you and your dog will be happier, healthier and more comfortable.This great dog shampoo brings long lasting and fresh scent for the dogs, a scent that lasts for the next bath time. To have the scent refreshed, you just have to wipe the dog down using a damp towel. It has detangling properties for making hair detangling easier, and it is usable on cats, too.Also from EQyss, Premier Conditioner Coat Conditioning Cream Rinse and Detangler may help with your female’s matting problem. Use it on both dogs. Applied after shampooing, it will make the hair softer and more manageable, plus it will make their coats fluff up like never before. You should still get the coat as mat-free as possible before bathing, but this product will condition dry, brittle hair and work wonders on detangling any leftover mats, making brushing a breeze. And speaking of brushing, make sure you and your husband are not bearing down too hard with that wire-bristled slicker brush. Bichons are highly susceptible to “slicker burn,” a skin irritation cause by brushing them too vigorously!