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The Large Long Hair Dog FURminator(R) deShedding tool is specifically designed for dogs from 51-90 lbs. and with coats longer than 2 inches. The stainless steel deShedding tool reaches deep beneath your dog’s long topcoat to gently remove the undercoat and other loose hairs without cutting when used as directed. The FURejector(R) button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. FURminator(R) deShedding tools come in a wide variety of options tailored to your dog’s size and coat length.

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There are several different types of popular deshedding tools for dogs, so we took some of the most famous brands that most pet owners choose and compared them against each other. You can find the full .

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Some deshedding tools, , are designed for a specific coat type and a specific size of dog. If you were looking for best dog deshedding tools option, then you probably have run into from DakPets. While not as effective as FURminator (despite all the hype), it's still one of the best dog deshedding tools online. It gets the job done, but most importantly – it costs less. Manufacturers claim that it will never break, and if it ever does, they will gladly replace it for you. Like in the , dog owners found that the tool indeed removes from 80% to almost 100% of all loose hair on your pet. The tool itself feels very strong, truly unbreakable and isn't as big as some others of its kind. Perfect for any dog of any size, age or hair length. Check out our comparison of .

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To avoid using , here's the third on our list of best dog deshedding tools review is definitely the owner of the coolest name out of all five – . It works pretty much in the same way as the other ones. It's cheaper than most FURminators, and while customers report that it might not be as impressive as the DakPets' product (which is also less expensive, by the way), Desheddinator will work for most dog owners without any issues. It will reduce your dog's shedding by up to 90%, is very ergonomic and will work for most pets of any size or hair length. For the low price, what more do we need? And it also has that FURejector button, which is awesome.

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What you will in this review is that the category isn't dominated by all kinds of previously popular best dog deshedding tools like grooming mitt, vacuums or blades, similarly to best dog treadmills list. The most popular and effective dog deshedding solutions of next generation are very simple but extremely well-made pet groomers. Check out our researched list of top 5 best items for your shedding dog (or cat!)Last (and quite possibly least, but still effective) of the best dog deshedding tools is the deShedding tool. As the title of the product says, it's most suitable for smaller animals because it doesn't dig as deep and is a bit small. While not a winner on our list of best dog deshedding tools, if for some reason you cannot buy any of the top four choices from above, then this one will work as well for your small to medium pet. Keep in mind that it's also a little more expensive than some better options we have already mentioned.